Starman (1994-) #0

Starman (1994-) #0

Easily my favorite comic series, I even cosplay Jack. Truly one of the most underrated series DC ever made.


So glad to see this series here, one of my favorites of all time. The other Starman is right, absolutely one of the most underrated series DC ever made. While I doubt they will, really hope to see some of Jack in the new Stargirl series.

This is one of the better books available on the app

Dude I’ve displayed Jack Knight as well! Also couldn’t agree more! This Series has excellent writing excellent artwork and I think the fact that James Robinson always intended it to be a limited series with an actual ending is what truly makes it memorable.

My first time reading starman but I love it the artwork is great and really holds up but it’s Tony Harris so yeah he’s been great from jump and James Robinson’s writing as well holds up and is beautiful and poetic i love that kinda style the is my first issue but I’m hooked

Wow, that was vivid. A beautiful and tragic start, I’m ready for the next issue.

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