Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. (1999-) #14

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. (1999-) #14

The last few issues were the best in my opinion. This issue had a lot of heart.


I liked this issue, as JLWWSM said it had a lot of heart.

The one downside I did think it had, is it feels like the series must have been ended abruptly while planning to continue. The scene with Courtney and her father was effectively heart breaking, but I sensed that something bigger was intended with him and it felt like that while well done the payoff to the locket was a rushed way to wrap up the loose end.

I also found the way they ended it with Pat’s son weird. I didn’t read much past the point JSA was at by this time originally (which is what I will be reading next I have little doubt) but there was the talk last time about Pat’s son being up to something seemingly sinsiter and his promise to make… then in this one he was a lot less… antagonitic and none of that was brought up. I sensed like Courtney’s father they originally had something planned and it basically died on the vine due to the book being cancelled before they could effectively pay it off.

But still, a good issue and a decent ending to a great series. This may have been early in John’s career, but his ability to tell great stories with great characters was present even in this his early stages. And Star Spangled Kid was a great character (made greater by her later becoming Star Girl) and the series was awesome.

It’s a shame this book couldn’t have had a longer run. It deserved so much more then 14 issues. But they made the most of what issues they did have.

Great series.