Static Shock:The Darkness fan fic

It was dark smut filled my lungs I have been a for five years at this point and I have never seen so much destruction.

Buildings crumpled in his wake I lie on the ground blood filling my lungs as I begin to blackout I come to terms with the fact that I might be dying if do I’m going to take him down before I do.

Virgil sits on a desk in class swinging his feet waiting on the final bell while talking to his best friend Frieda, out the corner of his eye he sees outside the window, where he sees Hotstreak bullying an underclassman.

The bell rings and Virgil hops off the desk before speed walking to his locker and grabbing his backpack.

Virgil heads down the street and minutes later Static comes gliding down the street on his Static Saucer gaining attention from everyone outside.

Static comes up on Hotstreak now punching the boy in his face with his right hand while using his left to burn his shirt slightly.

Hotstreak chuckles before Static throws a bolt of electricity at him and says “Hey hot head that’s a different kind of burn eh… Kinda like when you pee’d after hooking up with…”

Virgil is caught off guard by Hotstreak throwing a fireball which Static tries to dodge and is knocked off his Static Saucer.

Static is now lying on the ground and Hotstreak set fire to the grass around him. Static use his powers to snatch Hotstreak’s belt buckle and knock him upside the head with it, before doing the same with his Static Saucer. Static jumps through the fire causing his hoodie to catch.

Static quickly discards the hoodie and Chase after Hotstreak who is now running away from the hero. Static catches up with Hotstreak in an alley and say “got you covered now boy” with a smile. Hotstreak replies “hey that’s my line nig…” before Static sends a metal dumpster flying into him smacking him into a wall and leaving the villian unconscious.

Static takes time to gloat while a dark shadow approaches and consumes Hotstreak before they both disappeared.

Fast Forward

“Thanks again for patching me up Frieda” says Virgil “this thing that got Hotstreak is powerful as hell I can beat him if I get him distracted long enough to hit him with a Static burst”.

“Say less” responds Frieda before grabbing her bag and walking out the abandoned gas station.

Static and Frieda fly on his Saucer before he lets her down two blocks away from Hotstreak as the two begin to put their plan in motion.

“Hey ugly” calls out Static before tossing a ball of electricity and hitting shadowy Hotstreak in the head.

Shadow Streak stretches his shadow figure and smack Static upside the head knocking him off his Saucer and sending him crashing into a window before shadow Streak detonates causing the building to crumpled and collapse around Static.

This is the part where you came in I just need to get to my feet.

“Hey noob saibot over here” calls out Frieda to grab shadow streak’s attention before running down the street.

The shadowy figure finally stretches far enough to block Frieda’s path surrounding her in darkness, she flashes an LED flashlight slightly burning shadow Streak.

“Static it works I could use your help now” yells out Frieda.

“Alright shadow man try this” says Static who swoops in on his Saucer before unleasing a Static burst causing the whole area to light up with electricity.

Static grabs Frieda while Shadow Streak screams in pain and flies off while the villan’s shadowy figure begins smoking.

The shadow disconnects from Hotstreak and disappears leaving Hotstreak unconscious as the police come to arrest him.

Virgil and Frieda arrives back at Virgil’s dorm the two begin to make out waking Virgil’s roommate up in the process.
“Oh My God not again nobody wants to hear or see you go at it again”. says the blonde hair boy.
“Whatever Richie you’re just mad you don’t have nobody to make out with”. says Frieda before throwing a pillow at him.


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