STOP pirating Titans

I’m sick and tired of cheapskates watching these episodes on the net and I’m sick of people uploading it on YouTube


The people here aren’t the ones pirating anything. We have it available already so you might consider your audience for this message.

You are preaching to the choir, as the old saying goes.


Yeah, I chewed out a guy on Twitter who was begging for a link so he could watch for free


I’ve always found it pretty repugnant just how many folks profess to like superheroes but then turn around and act like the villains.:expressionless:


I’m thinking of “pirating” it on something just so I can watch it on my tv (even though I already have a membership) still waiting for an app instead of watching it on a phone or buying a roku only to use DC universe…


What JRC said. I pay for this service and regret it because I can’t watch it on my TV without purchasing another device. I think DC should either prorate a refund to when it becomes available on firestick or buy me a roku. It’s straight up bullshit at this point.


Man let them pirate not all dumb like us paying $75 OMG I’m not gonna renew


Eoj… I don’t want to be blunt but before you paid for it maybe you should have seen what devices it was available on. What devices it was on, how often Titan’s updated, how many comics were on here and that they rotated was all made easily available on their website, which also let you see the catalog of comics and movies/TV to browse without being able to watch to see waht was on which is more then Netflix does.

But people just made assumptions without taking 5 minutes to look at this stuff which was readily made and didn’t read it, then blame DCU because it didn’t give flashing with a loud alarm saying “not avaliable on consoles or Firestick… Titans only uploaded on episode a week… not the entire catalog and it rotates… not every DC movies and TV show ever made… DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!” People complain about “they ripped me off of 8 bucks… even though I had a week free to cancel when I would have found out this and could have ended then and not paid… THEY CONNED ME!”

If that 8 bucks a month is such a vital amount on money then maybe people should have spent five minutes finding this out on the same website they signed up through, or cancelled in the first week when it would have been clear all the assumptions they made without reading the info provided were not true, before spending it. Instead of doing none of that and then acting like DC lied to you while holding a gun to your head. No one is a damn victim because of those things, DC never said they had those things and specifically said what they did have. They were upfront about what was on here… it is not on them if someone didn’t pay attention before signing up.


Options were to buy a chromecast or Roku. I would have loved for it to work on my Xbox , buy i can understand. Certain interface issues would have had people bitching about not beimg able to do comics etc. Netflix was not perfect when it started either. Chromecast is the cheapest option but I bought the Roku 4k. All the apps that I run like Hulu , Netflix etc look better because the apps are designed better. Yeah I know I shouldn’t have to buy another device is your arguement . But there are other apps to use on said devices and they are probably running better thru the Roku than on your smart tv etc.


I’m liking it. Less than ten bucks a month for all this stuff is pretty cool, and it looks like it’s going to be growing. I just watch it on my desktop and it’s fine.