💙Stories For Hope💙 Your Favorite Pick-Me-Up Comics & Episodes

Starfire (2015) is happy all the way thru. Poison Ivy Cycle of life & Death is surprisingly uplifting despite the titles name.


I picked The whole series right above u. So I definitely agree lol. It’s gotta be the most uplifting/happy animated series imho.


Updated the list to reflect the new suggestions :slight_smile:


As far as feel-good, “hope for the future” stories go, two B:TAS episodes come to mind. One is “It’s Never Too Late”, and the other is “Paging the Crime Doctor”.

If I can think of anything else, I’ll be sure to share. We could all use a little more hope these days.


You already have it up there, but All-Star Superman is one of the most inspirational books you can read!


Bombshells, especially that first volume!


That episode where Wally gets left alone on his birthday in Young Justice just stands out to me.


Shazam (movie, new 52 run in JL, start of the current run)

The Batman (especially after Dick and Babs suit up)

Geoff Johns’ Aquaman

Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern run (although long!) Followed by Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps

Adam West Batman

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman


Shazam! (2019) Last year this movie was and still is my top 3 favorite film of the year. The film is lighthearted and happy and funny. Alot of great action in the movie.
And I also recommend the newest Shazam! Comic that came out just before the movie, it seem like a happy family story Adventures, I can’t wait to read #4 when it comes to DC Library soon.:slightly_smiling_face:


This is a great topic!
Superman Wedding Album
Who doesn’t like a wedding? As a Superman fan and a huge Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman fan, this was everything I could hope for and more.
Superman/Batman - 8
The return of Supergirl penned by Jeph Loeb and art by Michael Turner starts in issue 8. If this doesn’t put you in a good mood I am not sure if you have a heart.

Superman: Godfall

You will have to get this at your favorite local comic shop as DCU doesn’t have every issue. However, you will be happy you did. Michael Turner and Joe Kelly write the story with art from Talent Caldwell, Jason Gorder, and Peter Steigerwald. This book feels like an Image or Aspen comic but is very much a Superman story.

Wonder Woman: Odyssey
Odyssey starts in issue 600 and coincidently DCU only has the 10 pages of this story. Wonder Woman’s costume change might have had the publicity but the story is excellent and always puts me in a good mood.


DC Comics Presents 9-11, the 3 part Vandal Savage arc.

It gives me hope because sometimes, the villain does win.
(What??? What were you expecting from the creator of #psychologyofsupervillains club :smiley:)

Villains winning occasionally is “good for the soul”. If it wasn’t for the darkness, you wouldn’t know what the light was.


Honestly anything with Superman is a feel good book. They don’t call him the big blue Boy Scout for nothing. Also Shazam is a good pick as well.


The Tiny Titans series is always a great pick-me-up! What’s better than an adorably drawn, all-ages tale about DC’s young heroes? I’d recommend Art Balthazar’s Superman stories as well. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

Paul Dini’s Zatanna series is also a great pick me up. His love for Zee is obvious, and the stories are great fun. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about one of DC’s most kick butt characters. Another fun Zatanna story is the recently released OGN Zatanna and the House of Mystery.

The Golden and Bronze Age Shazam stories are always fun. The ridiculousness of it all is what makes the stories so great. An evil worm trying to take over the world is just the tip of the icerberg.

And not so much specific issues so much as specific moments in Barbara Gordon’s life stick with me, Realizing that she can do more as Oracle than she ever could as Batgirl, telling Dick that she has a different but better life post-shooting, knocking The Joker’s teeth out and telling him that he took nothing from her, and telling her dad that she loves life - every single day. Those panels have always stuck with me. Her Silver and Bronze Age time as Batgirl was also a lot of fun, especially her time as a Congresswoman. Considering that Babs is my favorite superhero, I could go on for a lot longer. But I’ll stop singing praises - I think everyone gets the idea.


On a slightly lighter note, any Flash issue from 105 thru COIE.(pick your favorite writer or artist or villain, literally take your pick.) What you will get is Barry Allan, a good man, being a good man. Because the one thing he believes is that the only way to let “bad men” win, is for a good man to do nothing.

If Vandal Savage or Barry Allen can’t inspire hope. I start to have my doubts on whether hope actually exists in our continuity.


In addition to print and digital retail outlets, this book is also available in our library, for those wondering. It’s the last book in Superman Confidential (2006).

As for suggestions:

-Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday (it’s ultimately a story about love, so it’d serve as a nice “uplifter”)
-Justice League Unlimited S2, E13: “Destroyer”
-Superman: For Tomorrow (Superman (1987) #'s 204-216)
-Superman: Godfall. Only Action (1938) #'s 812 and 813 are digitally available so far, but two parts are better than none. That said, the singles (or trade) are absolutely worth tracking down.
-Wonder Woman: The Odyssey. Found in Wonder Woman (2006) #'s 600-614.


For non-DC stuff I love cute stuff like Netflix’s Hilda or Bee and Puppycat and things like that!



Heading to work soon, coming home to this will be nice! Things are slowly on going on lock down around here (MA) and nobody knows what the end of the week will look like for any of us, but we got this and shant panic! Sorry if I got off topic, it feels good to be able to come home to Lil’ Gotham at the end of the day is what I’m trying to say! This is also my first time, only one chapter in and already in love!


Gotham Academy! Not only is it mysterious but it also has a feeling of friendship and adventure. I own the entire run at home and love reading it when i need a pick me up.


Absolutely Gotham Academy! Also DC Super Hero Girls, but we still don’t have those here… :frowning: