I got double charged and yall put me in the hole i cant get in contact with you to fix this i have been doing nothing but tell everyone about this and now I’m sitting here getting double charged and you put me in the hole when I can’t get anyone with this service about it I got put in the hole got charged 15 bucks for that because I bought a week I had planned to do an annual thing whenever I could I want to give you a money that you deserve but when I get double charged and I’m not getting any answers I’m just going to go download it please help fix this and I will resubscribe


When i day ive been telling everyone about this i mean your service telling everyone to download it and im told your originals are free now so now im pissed and im justvwaiting to see if any of my friends have the same problem except now i have another one i pay to see your originals you giving them out for free is not okay for people who is payong i get double charged when all the content i want on here is free i jumped ship on marvel for this


Only the first episode of each original is free

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I’m sorry, @blest432.51249 - please, if you haven’t already, reach out to Customer Service so that we can look into this for you. You can do so by submitting a ticket here:

What @Nathan.Payson mentioned is correct, as well. The first episode of the original series is free (as is Batman-related content for tomorrow’s celebration), but the rest of the content isn’t, so you’d still need a subscription to see the rest of the season(s), as well as everything else on the service.

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hi I wanted to use BAT80CLARKEDCU for 20% off but there was know where to put code

It’s bad enough that I am paying for a service that has no original shows airing except one at a time. And having to wait weeks for direct to videos titles that subscribers should see before anyone. These dc daily hosts are complete ass. They have not one iota of interest in dc. They are actors playing nerds and it’s annoying as all get out. What do they think their bad acting as hosts will lead to cameos in the DCEU or the CW. Give it up…bring back the professionals Jason Inman, Blair Herter, and the like. At least if I have to look at the same crap over and over again at least give a a program I can look forward to everyday. A bunch of winery actors debating every episode is not entertainment.

Can you please bring this site to playstation!! Please!! I’d be so grateful . I love it. It just needs to be on a console!! Thx

@NathanJWashingtonG.31040 We’re doing our best!
As soon as we have any updates on the progress, you guys will be among the first to know! :blush: