Supergirl The Destroyer Of Worlds

Supergirl/ Ariella Kent
Daughter of Superman and Linda Danvers aka Supergirl
Age: 16
Species: Metahuman/Kryptonian
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
From: The Future 853rd Century


When Linda Danvers tried to take the place of pre-crisis Kara Zor-El, she unknowingly won the heart of the pre-crisis version of Superman. The two got married and had a daughter named Ariella Kent. When Spectre came to send Linda back to the post-crisis to it’s original state and replace her with Kara, Linda agreed on the condition that Ariella would be spared. The Spectre agreed to her terms and when all traces of Linda Danvers existence was wiped from the pre-crisis era, Ariella was left alone to wander the universe. Possessing incredible powers at the very tender age of 6, Ariella began to play in space unknowingly causing massive devastation her ability to time-travel carried her to the 853rd century where she saved a planet from destruction by playing with invaders and accidentally destroying all of their ships and weapons. She became very attached to an alien refugee, Dura who had been fleeing from her since she had nearly destroyed his planet. She called him daddy and he called her R-El “The Destroyer Of Worlds” and he was able to use her affection to exert some degree of control over her, and keep the universe safe. 10 years later the war between The Justice Legion and the entire powerful villains like Time Trapper, Solaris, Trigon, even Doomsday and all the others start to battle. Ariella now 16 years old helped the team by saving the innocent people and taking them to the underground shelter where they can be safe. Alot of her team have been killed by Trigon and some turned to dust by Time Trapper with thousands of most powerful villians on earth the justice legion were actually losing but Ariella who is seriously injured by Doomsday never gave up she did everything in her power to defeat him and all the others. But then when she saw Dura who adopted her and raised her gets stabbed by the back from Superboy-Prime as he falls to the ground Ariella flight speed to Dura holding him around her arms while crying. Dura whose now dying tells her that she is a very gifted child that the world may not end up this way for she has the power to change it into a better peaceful world. But to make that happen she must go to the past to save the future and his last words before death that he loves her and will always be with her and dies. Supergirl full of grief and crying in tears became angry she teleported and appeared behind Superboy-Prime she grabbed him with her Super Speed with full of rage and anger in her she strangled him with all her super strength causing destruction as she suddenly over power herself where she couldn’t control herself started destroying him and the whole entire world while screaming out of rage and devastation with tears in her eyes killing everybody including her team and the people as it lead the world to end and no one survives but after the world ended somehow her ability of time travel carried her away from there and has sent her to the past of the 21st Century. In metropolis down the dark alley late at night a bright light which is a portal appeared and Supergirl came out and the portal disappears. Nightwing and Superboy finds her and she was unconscious and badly injured from the battle they took her to the emergency room as they cleaned her up and treated her wounds but after she awakens she started panicking and over reacting when she met Nightwing and Conner when they were trying to help her. Ariella suffered badly of concussion as she doesn’t remember anything she didn’t remember what happened or where she came from or how she got into the past she ended up with amnesia. Later after she was recovered, the team wanted her to join them so she agrees and joined the team.


A hybrid of metahuman/Kryptonian heritage, Ariella possesses vast powers for her young age. She has incredible superhuman strength and speed. She can fly, travel through time at will, move objects via telekinesis, and teleport anywhere she wishes. She is invulnerable, and ages at an extremely slow rate, energy blasts, energy absorption and also duplication. She also has X-ray vision and heat vision. Due to her high level of power and young age, Ariella can be highly destructive, as she has not learned to hold back her abilities.

Powers and abilities:
Flight, Heat Vision, Infrared Vision, Invulnerability, Microscopic Vision, Super Hearing, Super Speed, Super Strength, Telescopic Vision, X-Ray Vision, Time Travel, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Super Hand To Hand Combat, Multilingualism, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Matrix/Kryptonian Physiology, Bio Fission, Decelerated Aging, Matrix/Kryptonian Super Nova Flame Powers.
Weakness: Kryptonite

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