Superhero RP Group

Hello there! Do you have a cool idea for your own super hero or villain? Have you ever thought about different ways your favorite comic or animated series could have turned out differently?

I’m creating a website for an RP group and I’m looking for people to join. It would be based in the DC Universe, mainly Young Justice/Justice League and Titans. If you’re a Titans or Young Justice fan, this would be a perfect fit for you. The Roleplay will be all original characters and in chatbox style (you won’t have to worry about lengthy forum writing). It can be a lot of fun :slight_smile: I’m working on getting the site up and running now. Please let me know if you’re interested! Or if you have any questions

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Definitely sounds interesting. I’ve roleplayed as Batman on various sites for years now so this seems like a great opportunity for me to Branch out even further. I’ve never roleplayed in chatbox style, however I’d be willing to learn.

If you click on my profile, I have the site link there. I have the very basics down and I’m going to start adding the chatboxes to the cities and other areas. I’ll have all the basics of the site finished by tonight but if you want to get an idea of it, here’s the start.

I’ve been doing some updating on the site, here’s the progress so far if anyone’s interested:
renegaderp(dot)wixsite(dot)com/renegaderoleplay Just replace the (dot) with an actual dot