Superman #1 "Justice For All"

Superman #1 “Justice at it’s Finest.”

I realized that most of my Superhero writing is in its own universe, and not really DC. Supersons of elseworlds was really well liked and I came up with an idea for a Superman story this morning and wanted to write it down. Here it is!

A somewhat worn down home, on the outskirts of Metropolis. A black woman watches Youtube while walking to the window to do dishes.
Device: And that’s why we all say the president is
(The presidents voice): “Stupid”
Device: We have a great show for you tonight! Bob Crocket and Bruce Wayne are here!
The Black Woman puts the phone down to start to do the dishes. She looks through the window. The house across from her has a wide open front door.
She dials the house.
Phone: This number is not able to respond right now, please leave a message at the tone.
Woman: Hey Nat. It’s Toni, just checking in to see if everything is-
She hangs up. Realizing what might be happening
She dials 911.
Responder: 911 what’s your emergency
Toni: Hello, I’d like the police to send someone over to my neighbors, I’m worried there might be a burglary.

A police car drives towards the house, it stops and pulls over, the house is not in sight.
Officer 2: Why are we stopping?
Officer 1: We should go around the back. Come on.

The two white police officers walk through a house lawn, jump over a fence, and land in the houses backyard. Police Officer 2 misjumps and knocks the fence down.

Nat is playing Super Marino Kart on a track with a rainbow ground in space with a child, when she hears the Bang!
Nat: Wait here, she walks up to the window looks out.
BANG! Nat lies on the floor dead.

A newspaper is slammed on the table. Headline reads Police Officer kills Black Woman in her own Home in Metropolis Suburb.
Clark: I can’t do this anymore.
Lois: You couldn’t have known.
Clark: If I was faster I could’ve saved her.
Lois: You wouldn’t have known until you heard a bang. You were trying to track down the Red Cloud anyway.
Clark: But I could’ve-
Lois: Stop, relax. There’s nothing you could do.
Clark: But-
TV: Headline reads breaking news, School shooting breaks out in Miami-
Clark: I got to go. He flies toward Miami at a breakneck pace.

It’s a school. A shooter kills one child after another, Superman arrives, grabs the gun and breaks it. He punches the shooter. The school shooting is over, but it’s too late. 15 children are dead.
Superman: ■■■■■■■ it.
Superman tries to smile, it’s his job to be positive, but he only gets glares.

The Daily Planet
Perry: Clark, I want that Impeachment hearing summary now!
Clark: Yes sir.
Clark clicks youtube, and speed watches a video. He speed types an article headlined Democrats claim the president engaged in bribery, but Republicans claim witness is a foreign asset.
Clark: Perry! I sent it to you.
Perry: Thanks!
Lois looks over at Clark.
Lois: I read what happened. I’m sorry.
Clark: I was there in 10 f***ing seconds and I couldn’t save 7 children. Imagine what would’ve happened if he had-
Lois: Clark, There’s nothing you could’ve done.
Clark: If I hadn’t told you I need to go, I could’ve saved another-
Lois: Clark, don’t do this to yourself.
Clark: This world is SO messed up. The president gets away with soliciting foreign interference, locking children up in cages, and attacking our company and I can’t save a black woman who got shot playing video games with her nephew. I can’t do this Lois, the news is so depressing and horrible and demented and this is WITH vigilantes. I can’t do this anymore.
Lois: Where would this world be without you?
Clark: I don’t know. That’s what scares me. How can I be what everyone wants me to be? I’m not you know who, I’m a boy from Kansas trying to be him. I-I just need a moment.

Superman flies across Metropolis, he picks up speed, moving around the world in seconds. He flies upwards towards Space, he sees Mars, he continues to pick up speed. He sees Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and then he sees the Kuiper belt. He stops, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He screams. He grabs an asteroid and kicks it in anger. Shattering it into 20 pieces.
He flies back. Sullen and frustrated.

A man walks across the sidewalk into the big Luthor Corp. building. He’s on the phone.
Man: Hey Sally, I can’t make the date tonight. Too much work to do.
The man is scanned through metal detectors.
Man: Look, I promise I’ll make it up to you.
The man goes up an elevator.
Man: I got to meet my boss. No. what? I promise to make it up to you. I’m not lying. When have I (phone hangs up).
The Man sad: said that before.
The door opens. Mr. Luthor sits in a chair across the room. He’s reading The Prince by Machievelli.
Luthor: “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him." What do you think Machievelli meant by that?
Man: Are you talking to me?
Luthor: Yes.
Man: Um, that a smart leader surrounds himself with smart people?
Luthor: And who am I surrounding myself with.
Man: S-Smart people?
Luthor: Clearly not.
Man: I brought you a letter.
Luthor: From who?
Man: I don’t know, someone called Ventus Crimson?
Luthor Chuckles.
Luthor: You are really an idiot aren’t you? I expect you to work until midnight to catch up. You are dismissed
The man leaves
Luthor: Red Cloud huh?
Luthor opens the letter.
The letter reads: We are ready for Project Metropolis. Attached are the deeds for many of the apartments in the city.
Signed The underground mafia.


This was the first issue of my Superman series. What is the extent to which Superman can save everyone? How strong is he? How does he fight domestic terrorism and gun violence. Can he? As a reporter, how does he handle the current world?
Also where’s Jon? (You’ll have to wait and see)!
Leave your feedback here and prepare for a WILD RIDE!!

I know that’s how emergency responders feel too. I don’t know how they do the job they do because like Superman here they can’t always win they can’t always save people in these very sad situations.

I hope Superman continues to be Superman in spite of all of this!

Of course he will, he’s Superman!

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I mean it’s true. Clark is a REPORTER and stands for Truth, Justice, and the american way. But the world is full of deciet, justice is not fair, and the american dream is dead. What is Superman now?

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