Superman #3 "Half Human"

Superman #3 “Half Human”

Jon’s Room
Jon sets glumly on his bed with his new laptop in his lap.
Clark knocks on the door and then opens it.
Clark: Hey buddy, how are you doing?
Jon: Where were you?
Clark: Didn’t Mom tell you that I was rescuing people from an earthquake in Cairo.
Jon: But WHERE were you?
Clark: What?
Jon: You weren’t there when I needed you.
Clark: For what?
Jon: To let me go to the future.
Clark: Look son, you are not ready yet.
Jon: I’ve been a superhero by myself for the last 7 years in a lawless planet of evil.
Clark: Son what are you?
Jon: What?
Clark: What are you?
Jon: A kryptonian boy?
Clark: No. Your half kryptonian.
Jon: But I’m not really human I’m-
Clark: You are half human. And whole boy.
Jon: But Dad-
Clark: There is no but son, you are a human. You’ve had lots of Alien experiences. You’ve matured as an alien, but you aren’t very human yet.
Jon: What’s good about being a human? Humans are weak and powerless and-
Clark: Not all humans are weak and powerless, son. Would you call Bruce and Damian powerless.
Jon: No.
Clark: You need to take time to figure out who you are before you go off to the future. Your Kryptonian half may be ready, but you still need time to develop your human half. Imagine if you could be like Batman and me combined. You have that potential, but you need to work to get there. You aren’t embracing both sides of you yet, so you aren’t ready.
Jon: I-I guess your right.
Clark: Now, I wanted to give you this.
Clark pulls out a card from his jacket.
Jon: Wait is this?
Clark: Your driver’s license
Jon: Wait but I haven’t learned to drive here.
Clark: Me, your mom, and Bruce worked together to get you I.D. Information changed.
Jon: Wait, did you change my birth certificate too?
Clark: Yes we did. And you learned to drive on Earth-3 right?
Jon: Well yeah, but Earth 3 is WAY easier than this earth.
Clark: I mean if you want us to take it back I-
Jon: No thanks Dad.
Clark: I have one last thing I need to talk with you about, have you looked at your school options?
Jon: Well, yeah, but you aren’t going to like them.
Clark: What do you mean?
Jon: Well, public magnet school applications closed in April, which of course we didn’t apply for because I was 10 and I would suggest going back in time, but we don’t have that identification at the time and in order to apply in April, I would have to change the ID of my still 10 year old self who hadn’t even left the planet with Rex Luthor.
Clark: Wait Rex luthor?
Jon: It’s a long story. The was Joker jr., Ice princess, and–literally everything I’ve said for the past minute makes no sense does it?
Clark: Remind me to ask for the details about Rex Luthor tomorrow.
Jon: Will do. Anyway, I have 4 different options. 1. Our Local school, 2. Any of the Public Magnet Schools, 3. An all boys private school, and 4. A mixed private school. Metropolis doesn’t have Charter schools of course.
Clark: And you were saying the public magnet school was out of the question?
Jon: Because of ID’s, missed deadlines, and time travel.
Clark: Right……
Jon: Yeah…
Clark: Well school started two days ago so why don’t we check your three choices out tomorrow and go from there.
Jon: Your willing to pay for private school.
Clark: You forget I can literally turn a piece of coal into diamond.
Jon: oh yeah…

South Metropolis High School:

The inside hallways look out of maintenance and rundown. Jon walks into a restroom and sees markings all over the wall almost akin to arkham asylum. Almost every bad word Jon knew was on the walls The Toilet was stained in yellow and the stall doors were broken. Jon looked around and decided it could wait.
Clark: You decide not to go?
Jon: Yeah, you should see the inside of it.
Clark: I did.
Jon: Wait, how- GROSS.
Clark: I just did it right before you walk in. I wasn’t spying on-
Lois: Will you to stop making this awkward.
Tour guide: Anyway, why don’t we look in a classroom. This is our algebra 2 class.
Jon: Don’t you have Placement Advanced Calc AB
Guide: Why would we, we don’t get the funding nor have the students from those advanced classes. Everyone just takes the same classes here.

A balcony in the sky:
Man: I told you for the last god*** time, I decide when we do it and when we don’t.
Girl: Look I’m sorry I won’t refuse again.
The girl has bruises all along her face and body.
Man: You just don’t want to have a f***ing child do you.
He lifts a book.
The girl looks at the balcony.
The man slaps the girl.
Girl: AHHH
He lifts his hand again.
The girl gets up and runs toward the balcony.
She jumps.

Guide: Everyone takes the same classes here.
Clark hears SUPERMAN!!!
Clark: I need to go, I’ll be right back. (AHH!)
Guide: Mr. Clark, did we do something to offend you.
Clark: No, I just got to go. (SUPERMAN!!!)
Guide: The bathroom is that way.
Clark: I’ll be right back. (While running at the fastest human-like speed possible)
Gets clear of the guide. A student is looking at him
Clark hears a SPLAT!!!
Clark: F***!
The student just stares at him thinking he’s crazy.
Clark walks back. Lois and Jon are inside the classroom now.

The Classroom:

The classroom is in disarray. The class is 95% black with one white kid sitting randomly in the back alone. Books are all over the place. Students are on there phones but otherwise the class is void of technology. A green chalkboard is mounted at the front of the classroom and the only chalk available is black chalk. A 2002 desktop computer sits next to the teachers desk, but likely doesn’t work.
eacher: Problem 2, most of you missed and for the love of me I can’t figure out why.
The Teacher writes on the board with the black chalk 2x + 3y + 4x - 2y.
Teacher, the easiest way to do this problem is to count. 2x + 4x is 6x and 3y + 2y is 5y and then you add the negative so the final answer is 6x-5y.
A black student raises their hand.
Student: Mr. Martin, it’s actually 3y minus 2y so the answer is 6x+y.
Teacher: Callum isn’t it?
Student: Yes sir?
Teacher: Who’s job is it to teach?
Student: Yours sir.
Teacher: That’s right, everyone will have an extra 3 problems tonight because of Callums rude behavior.
Jon: I think I’ve seen enough.
Jon, Lois and the guide walk outside. They close the class door.
Guide: I’m so sorry ma’m but Mr. Martin is the only person who came to us to teach math when we had a vacancy
Jon: You mean, that’s the only Algebra 2 teacher.
Guide: Yes sir.
Jon: But why hire him if-
Guide: We can’t exactly have vacant classroom.
Jon: I guess your right.
Lois: Well thank you ma’m, I’ll get back to you tonight. We got to look at 2 more schools.

An Apartment:
The Man from the balcony is on a computer.
The screen shows a message system which reads.
Turbo243: Superman is the reason my wife is dead. He killed her. I want to kill that god*** son of a b**** and stick this stick on his a**. I want that roach off the m*****f****ing street if it’s the last thing I do.
Anonymous: I have a way to help you. Corner of 5th and 2nd. Wait for a response.

Opulentus Academy for Boys:

Jon is sitting in a nice office with Lois and Clark waiting patiently. The office should feel extremely different and much nicer than
Jon: Hey Dad, why is South Metropolis my local high school?
Clark: If you look at the districting map, it looks super weird, but that’s because it is. The city is trying to diversify the socioeconomic status for kids in all their schools and our district was manipulated to increases that socioeconomic status. So we now are assigned to a school 7 miles away despite living in the heart of the city.
Jon: That makes no sense!
Clark: Of course, that idea doesn’t always work that way. People like us who have money would rather just pay for private school or apply to a magnet school. SInce the latter isn’t an option
Jon: We are planning on going to a private school.
A tall lady is a very professional outfit walks in. She is holding a brand new Ipad.
Lady: Well the test results are in and we would be more than happy to admit your student in our school. Based on the test results, we are willing to give you a 10,000$ scholarship bringing your total to 42,000 dollars.
A look of surprise dominates Lois’s face.
Lady: Would you like a look around?
Jon: Sure.
The lady/Tour guide: Takes them out of the office. The difference between the two schools is even more noticable. The boys walking down the hallway are dressed in very perfect uniforms with very sharp and short haircuts.
Lois: How much is the school uniform?
Guide: Zero, you pay for the weekday and friday uniforms as well as your gym uniform, your late day outfit, and if you play athletics your extra athletic uniforms through your tuition.
Lois continues to look surprised.
Guide: Now if you take a right, here’s one of our 14 gyms on campus. Every student is giving conditioning classes from 1 to 2 so we make sure to allow everyone to use them at once. Each gym is also given custom equipment based on each of the 28 different sports here, and come courtesy of one of our generous parents who is the CEO of MACROSOFT.
Inside, every person is lifting weights at the blow of a whistle. It’s almost military like.
Guide: Of course we also have state of the art academics. To the right is our Freshman Level Robotics Lab where we craft the engineers of tomorrow. And up ahead is the cafeteria. All food cost are in the tuition and come courtesy of the movie star Tyler Hoechlin.
Lois: I think I’ve seen enough. We’ll contact you later with our decision.
Guide: Got it. We can start as soon as tomorrow. Just let me take his measurements now.
Lois: Sure….

They wait.
They wait.
Guide: All good.

The Kent apartment
Lois: Look, I love you Jon, but I can’t send you to that school. I know we said money wasn’t a problem, but I didn’t mean THAT expensive.
Jon: Just think of it as less than two years of college. I’m going to the future for college so why not let me go there.
Lois: I don’t get why you like it. It should be everything your father and I taught you to dislike.
Jon: Well, I’m supposed to become as fit of a human as I can and with 75% of the school doing athletics and 4 nationally recognized athletic programs, I can really focus on maximizing myself.
Lois: But-
Clark: I don’t see a problem with it Lois, we aren’t paying for college which lets be honest can cost 70,000 a year with prestigious universities.
Lois: I mean, if your okay with it, I will accept it.
Jon: Really-
Lois: But, I’m not getting you up in the morning at 6:30 or driving you ANYWHERE and you will not fly home.
Clark: There’s one more problem.
Lois: Which is?
Clark: How do we temporarily remove the kryptonian side of our child for athletics.
Jon: Dad, when I was in my last summer with you, you know when I was 10, Rex Luthor used something called Gold Kryptonite which removed my powers temporarily.
Lois: Wait Rex Luthor?
Clark: okay, now I need to know, WHAT DID YOU DO THAT SUMMER!

5th and 2nd:
The man from his apartment is waiting on the street.
He looks at his phone.
It reads: We will change your life, but you must first agree to the terms and conditions. Click here to agree.
Man: Uhh.
He clicks Agree.
It Reads: Say Super no more.
Man: Uhh! Super no more?
The man disappears in a flash of light.
A man in a cloak: Welcome my brother. Come with me.
On the wall, shows the sign of the Vex (from Krypton) marked over the Superman logo which looks to be dripping an eternal supply of blood almost like an X over a sign to read banned.

To Be Continued
Jon’s first day at school, this man’s mysterious journey and Lois meets with Isabella in Superman #4

I read the first part tonight. I’ll try to get to the second part tomorrow night. Reads well, lots of fun …shows how crazy it would be if there really was a super son.

And the school’s based on your school eh?

nope. South Metroplis High is based on my experience with my local school.

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@Don-El Went to an "optional " school (magnet-esque public school) because that was my only option. I got to apply. (Jon didn’t). I lived 8 miles from my local high school despite living a 5 minute drive to one.

This is easily your best stuff yet, very nice. it’s obvious you’re a Super Sons fan!

What? (Damian hasn’t even appeared yet) HAHAH. (Did you read the nu52 acclaimed Supersons of Elseworlds: Overboy Vol. 1?)

@Don-El Also if you want a random short in this universe, here you go!

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Yeah can’t finish tonight. I read 2 parts though, and it’s really great!


Part 4 is halfway done. Hope for it to be up tonight, but we shall see. I’ve been working on long term planning lately and boy are there some big surprises in the work.

Here’s a teaser for #6.
“200 Years before”

Just have 2 more scenes to write. It’s probably a shocker to no one but each issue get’s longer than the last one by 3 pages… Each has gotten longer because I have more plot threads I want to happen. Last issue balanced 2 plot threads. This one has three plot threads. You get what I’m saying.