Superman and Action: Bendis ongoing series Action 1020 Open for Discussion

Spoilers incoming…

Completely agree with you @msgtv that seeing the 3 series converge is a rewarding experience. Curious to see how the Justice League and other teams got involved (and are losing), unless we’re just supposed to take it for granted that they just joined the battle. Don’t mind the non linear storytelling… kept me on my toes.

I guess the existence of the rest of the Legion means this story, and thus the reveal of Superman’s secret identity, take place before Lex sacrificed the Legion to Perpetua?

John Romita’s art, for me, is a bit inconsistent here. Some panels and spreads pop with life, while others have more of a sketch like quality to them. I feel like he does much better when he has more time, like he did with the Superman Year One Black Label book, where his art was stunning.

Not too much Superman to enjoy in this issue, aside from a couple of fun battle scenes. The villains, and their banter made for an enjoyable read though.

DC… please make sure the good side wins… please with a cherry on top. This Year of the Villain, Doom winning stuff is making me anxious :joy:


Forgot to mention, it’s refreshing to see Superman and Luthor face off again. With Luthor busy with his evil cosmic takeover with Perpetua, one had almost forgotten he’s a Superman villain through and through.


Action #1019 was pretty rad.

I’ve found the back and forth of the current arc to be somewhat annoying at times, but overall the story as a whole has been fun, and this issue was a standout for me.

I really liked the banter between Lex and Leviathan. Speaking of him, I would be perfectly okay if he were to join Superman’s rogues gallery, as I think Leviathan could be a continual mental challenge to The Man of Steel.

While on the topic of quality Superman reads, don’t forget that Lois Lane #8 comes out next week. When it comes to the Lois Lane book, Bibbo would say “It’s sooper”!


I’m always good with a quality Lex book, he was definitely the standout character this week

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Two other things
-Need to reread JL cuz I have no idea what the heck happened
-while I stand by my negative views on Year 1, I did love JRR’s work there.

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For me, I haven’t read Justice League in months and this story has still been understandable.

Next week though, Justice League is a must. The Eradicator is back!


Superman 20 out this week. Story wise, the issue is split between a Daily Star discussion of Clark’s journalistic ethics and the big fight with Mongul in outer space. While the fight gives the great visuals, it’s the Daily Star talk that I think will stick with me longer. Since Superman has told the truth about his identity, I think Bendis has been great with how different people are reacting to it. The discussion in the newsroom feels authentic to me. And, they’re 100% right STAR Labs would so sue Clark.
The fight is good fun too and looks great.
Even felt bad for a Dominator


Superman: Heroes was a nice book. Non-spoiler, the reaction as heroes find out who Superman or that he let it out. Some. Very nice artwork. The highlights story wise for me were Booster and Jimmy. Both were funny and cool in their own ways. Only one I didn’t love was Batman. Regret, sure, anger no.

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I had to unsubscribe from the series because I haven’t found a job yet. But it’s top on my list for when I eventually get a job/paycheck.

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We’re back with Action 1020 as Superman finds a helping hand from Young Justice. While there are nice moments in the issue, this is the first list down for me in a while. First, and we’ve discussed before JRR does great work when he has time. While still powerful looking, the issue feels rushed, some characters seem little more than sketches. And I honestly had no idea what or who Conner was hitting until they told me. But, the bigger problem is the timing of the issue. We know from Justice League where this story is going, it just fills in the gap of how Young Justice ended up on the scene. We also don’t really get the meeting between Conner and Clark we’d like, not that they had time. Books out of sequence is just a fact in a larger tied-in universe, but it really deadens the impact of this story.

Okay, I had some complaints about the art, but that does look pretty cool.

Action filled issue and I like action in a Superman comic.

Several moments that I thought were pretty cool. Superman leading Young Justice. Superman and Conner flying side by side through the Hall of Justice. The Legion getting surprised by Superman and Conner’s two prong attack. The arrival of the Justice League on Batman’s big behemoth of a tank. Was fun.

Romita’s art started out good (not great) and got progressively worse. By the end of the issue it was like he was just sketching. It’s a shame given the scope of the battle. Thing is, Romita is good. Superman Year One is proof, in my opinion. I just think he needs more time to realize his full potential. DC should keep him on Black Label titles.

Yeah we know where this is going, but it’s nice to see everything unfold, nonetheless. I just really hope at the end of… whatever it is that’s coming from DC… that Lex Luthor gets his ass handed to him on an epic scale. Justice League has been losing for too long.

I 100% agree I came out kinds like I didn’t care for this issue but I liked it but it’s flawed

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