Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

That Superman v Darkseid fight was topnotch. Hopefully the cinematic universe takes notes


I mean…that scene when supergirl flips Darseid and he gets hit with his own rays… ICONIC


Wonder Woman vs the Furies is absolutely iconic. The part where Wonder Woman wraps her legs around Lashina’s rope to bring her forward is so perfect they made it part of Wonder Woman’s super move in Injustice 2. I hope we get action like that in WW84.


loved it when i was four, love now


Meh. Doomsday was better. Maybe I am just bitter they didn’t get Rosario Dawson back as Artemis.
“Sword? This is but my dagger.”

One of my favorites! There is no shortage of epic, multi-phase fight sequences in this classic. :blue_heart::heart::yellow_heart::black_heart:

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Hmmm… Where’s @reaganfan78

Love this movie.


Last fight is an excellent showcase of power

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How exactly DID Kara learn fluent, accent-less English in just a week?


Glad I finally watched this, it was a good movie, good animation and voice acting and did the original comic storyline justice. I am writing this 5 days before it gets rotated out, but hopefully it will find it’s way back here soon.

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Working stiff lives in a universe with regular visits from hostile aliens… Sees a beautiful, naked girl speaking a strange language… Immediately sexually harasses her…

Eh. Not my favourite. It felt inconsistent. I liked Kara’s Darkseid design since it was more of a call-back to one of the classic interpretation of furies. The last fight was cool. My favourite part of the entire movie was Kara’s fly-flip-kick combo.

Pretty good movie but it was a very visual experience and mainly action oriented my brother had a head ache and just listened to the whole thing and his opinion on it was much lower than mine. The only thing I had a problem with was the male super hero character designs. Batman and Superman’s faces looked so cachexic.

1:02:12 Kara making Batman smile/smirk (twice) in this movie may have been my favourite part of this movie, it was only a few frames, but the fact that Kara remembering her mother’s name making Batman see that she can be trusted being a hero, making Batman see the good in her, that to me is powerful.

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