Superman Recommendations

Completely agree…well put.

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Along w/ these suggestions, I’d add in Unchained and For Tomorrow, especially if you’re a Jim Lee fan. Speeding Bullets is also a cool Elseworlds story that’s actually about as much Batman as it is Superman


Wasn’t a huge Supes fan until I read Superman For All Seasons. That one really opened me up to the concept of the character outside of his backstory, abilities, and stature.


The only Superman story I ever loved is also the only Kurt Busiek story I ever loved- Secret Identity. Just an absolutely perfect, beautiful peach of a story.


  • Superman: For All Seasons

  • Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow

  • Superman #7 by Tomasi, Gleason, and Jimenez (Rebirth Era)

  • Superman: Heroes (By Bendis, Fraction, Rucka and a bunch of artists)

  • Superman #39 by Gleason, Tomasi, and Barry Kitson (Rebirth Era)

  • Action Comics #810 by Joe Kelly and Pasqual Ferry

  • Secret Identity

  • Superman: Secret Origin by Johns and Frank

  • Doomsday Clock

  • Man of Steel by Bendis and various artists

  • Superman Unchained by Snyder and Lee