Superman: Red Son (2003-) #1

Superman: Red Son (2003-) #1

More stories like this make Superman more interesting.


First time reading this. I hope they think of turning this story into a DC animated movie. The fact that Superman wants to still save everyone despite him being a communist in this elseworld comic. Still shows he will always be that good boy scout.


The comic that got me to begin appreciating Superman as a hero. Love that ending! Wish it was an animated film so I could watch it over and over again!


Where’s the rest of the series?!!


I love elseworld alter reality type stories something as simple as Superman Landing in Soviet Russia as a child can make such a huge difference it’s awesome to explore that


I want to definitely add my vote for Red Son to be an animated film. As in this should be next after Reign of the Supermen, please.


That ending though. Gotta read it all the way to through.

If only this app added the rest of the issues.


We really need the rest of this series!! I know beggers can’t be choosers but why put the first issue of a classic storyline if you aren’t going to have the rest of the arc available?


This story would be perfect for an animated adaptation but what we really need is a live adaptation with no deviation from the original story. Perfect allegory for America today


I’d love to see more Elseworlds stories here. Got them in print, but the ease of reading them here is nice.

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I’d rather DC uploaded less stories on this app if it meant they’d actually make every issue of a story arc available. We all pay money for a service that doesn’t even allow one to read a whole book?!?


I own this graphic novel and I gotta say not only is it in my top ten Superman stories/novels but also one of the top as far as unique!!! Red Son is a story every DC/Superman fan should read!

Also I gotta say for people who were fans of this Elsworlds story, if you haven’t, you have to read the best one imo… Actually my 2nd favorite graphic novel of all time (although I don’t think it’s on the DC app yet but well worth adding to your collection): “Kingdom Come”. Not only is the story absolutely incredible in Kingdom Come but the art is some of the best work ever done in a graphic novel by the great Alex Ross.

This first issue is a great intro into this world. I love how many callbacks to the main continuity this has. I’m enjoying seeing how one major change has had such huge ripples throughout all of the DC universe here. The art is great.