Superman vs KryptoKnights - you choose Superman’s weakness

Hey guys! I want to write a fanfic story about Superman fighting the KryptoKnights. So let’s start off by introducing who the KryptoKnights are. Before they were knights, they were lab experiments. They were experimented on by scientists to find out if there’s a cure against kryptonites. Through many tries, the experiments was a success; how they did it? The scientists implanted kryptonites into the soon to be knight’s bodies. Afterwards they were qualified for the role as kryptonian knights, to serve and protect the queen. These KryptoKnights would travel around the galaxy with the queen, visiting every world, trying to make peace treaties. However the queen became corrupted and had the KryptoKnights killing people and leaders, who disagrees with her. Unfortunately, in Krypton, a civil war took place, but was interrupted when Krypton exploded. But the remaining few KryptoKnights managed to escape with a ship and they’re stranded in the middle of nowhere in space. It’s inevitable, they will meet Superman. THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. First, did you like the backstory, even though it’s a prototype? Second, what sort of kryptonitic powers would you give these knights to give Superman a challenge. Third, with the Kryptonites implanted into the knights bodies, Superman can’t fight them alone, so what superheroes can help him in this fight? P.s sorry if this don’t make any sense, I’m trying :slight_smile:

Sounds petty cool.There are so many possibilities to this story.Superman is definitely going to need The justice league on this one.The kryptoknights are lost in space with the queen with no planet to go home to when low and behold an explosion from a meteor hitting a near by planet propeals them closer to earth.The intruder beacon goes off at the hall of justice sending the justice
League into action.Superman is the first to get there.He knows that something is not right because he begins to weaken the closer he gets to the ship.He lets the justice league know.The league gets there to find superman in bad shape.A battle ensues and the league is trying to get superman to safety.The queen feels supermans presents.The justice league with a hard fought battle get superman to safety but not without the queen and her krytonites knowing where they took him.Earth will soon find out who the queen of krypton and her kryptoknights are.