Supersons of Elseworlds: Overboy Vol. 1 "The Rise and Fall of Overman"


Overboy Vol. 1: “The Rise and Fall of Overman”

Time is fluid. Time shatters and one change changes everything. The difference of 12 hours results in the other side of the world while history changes attitude. One raised in the 1600s will be more okay with slavery then someone now. Racism in the 60s is less evident in people now. Small events can change everything. Time is fluid. History is fluid. The timeline is malleable. Time is broken, For 5 seconds the timeline is changed. Then changed again. That change is 5 seconds and yet hundreds of years and lives are lived for 5 seconds.

Boom, Krypton explodes. ZZZT, the time wave hits. Projecting the rocket .1 m/s faster over light years upon light years of meters. For 5 seconds the timeline is different, yet 300 years pass by and only one thing is different. A rocket from an extinct planet arrives 12 hours earlier earlier. A 1 year boy asleep unknowingly arrives in Berlin Germany in 1923. Around the world a man tells Germany to come back and a new political party emerges. In 1933, a boy is 11 his father becomes the chancellor of Germany. In 1939, a boy is 17, his father orders the invasion of poland. In 1941, a man is 19 and his father is losing in the skies of Britain. One day later Overman makes his first appearance.

Chapter 1: The Man of Steel

In 1942 while Britain falls, 1 million Nazi soldiers lose there lives to take Russia. While a man questions his fathers actions for the first time, a reporter seeks the truth about whomever this Overman is.

Berlin, Germany the heart of the Nazi Empire.

Soldier: Papiere?
Reporter: Hier
Soldier: Amerikanisch?
Reporter: Ja
Soldier: Warum bist du hier?
Reporter: I’m a traitor to America.
Soldier: Auf Deutsch?
Reporter: Verrater
Soldier: Heil Overmann!

Overman floats down.
Overman: Are you the traitor?
Reporter: Will you agree to the trade?
Overman: Let’s see what you have to trade.

Berlin Germany, The palace of Overman.

Reporter: Quite the place you got here.
Overman: There are advantages to making it yourself.
Reporter: You made this?
Overman: In two days, yeah.
Reporter: Oh my god!
Overman: God, what a funny word. Why turn two t’s into a d. Mein Gott. My god.
Reporter: Language is interesting that way.
Overman: People call me the God of Germany. It feels wrong. I’m just it’s protector.
Reporter: To some you are a destroyer. A conqueror.
Overman: To them, I’m terrifying, because I’m unstoppable. They fear the safety I provide.
Reporter: Why do you support this empire?
Overman: Because it’s all I’ve known. I watched my country in ruins. Told they were failures by everyone. Especially America, and I know my father knows the truth. We are strong when we are united toward one vision. We can be the king of the world. All it takes it the desire to do so.
Reporter: And you.
Overman: Yeah, and me. The sword to be wielded.
Reporter: Your father? Who is your father?
Overman: I never met my real father, but my adopted father is better anyway.
Reporter: Who is your adopted father?
Overman: Do you have the info?
Reporter: Here, the plans of the US government attack on New Berlin in the Lebensraum.
Overman: These aren’t the actual plans. I can tell.
Reporter: No I promise these are the actual plans.
Overman: Mrs. Lane. You are 22 years old. Your father works for the military and you skipped college because you thought that democracy would be over by the time you graduated. You have already won one pulitzer and this was to be your second.
Reporter: Uh, how did you know?
Overman: I do my research and obviously you are not Sarah Lorenz.
Reporter: I-I did my research and spent months making it look good.
Overman: Your heartbeat said it all. I should arrest you and make you a prisoner of war until you get executed, but no one’s ever tried this hard to learn about me.
Reporter: Uh, who is your father?
Overman: My adopted father is Adolf Hitler
Reporter: You-You’re
Overman: Clovis Hitler. yeah.
Reporter: Wait so Perry was right when he thought
Overman: I was adopted. Yeah. Mrs. Lane, if I may ask, what do you expect will happen after this conversation?
Reporter: I will probably be executed.
Overman: Why do you think that?
Reporter: Because you wouldn’t want your secret to come out.
Overman: No I don’t.
Reporter: So why are you telling me this?
Overman: Because I’m giving you a choice.
Reporter: Which is?
Overman: You can be executed or you can join the reich.
Reporter: Obviously I would rather be-
Overman: Let me finish. I want to offer you a chance to help me save the world. You are an incredible reporter who cares deeply about democracy. You have made it your life’s work to express yourself. Well, I have a proposition. You want another pulitzer right?
Reporter: Yes, but I won’t betray my country.
Overman: Well here’s my proposition. What if I let you go and you can write this article. Tell the world the truth. Then after you win the pulitzer, you come back to me and agree to join the reich.
Reporter: I-I-
Overman: I know you wouldn’t betray your country, but you could tell the truth you so desperately want.
Reporter: Let me get this straight. If I want to publish this article, I can go, but then I must go back to you.
Overman: That is correct.
Reporter: Or I’m executed.
Overman: It’s a what’s the phrase catch-23
Reporter: 22
Overman: What’s your decision?
Reporter: What’s in it for you?
Overman: I-I-I want this for you.
Reporter: Why?
Overman: I-I can’t explain. You fight for the truth and your country through writing so much that you give up college, and risk your life. I don’t understand. If you want the truth, why can’t you understand the truth of the Third Reich.
Reporter: You want the truth of your empire? You’ve been taking away countless jews and putting them somewhere because they aren’t the “ideal” human. Your leader backstabbed an ally and let millions of troops die because he was too impatient to wait until winter. Your leader and you don’t even look like the Blue eyed blond you praise so much. You want the truth of your ■■■■■■■ empire. You are a bunch of hypocritical racists who only want power and will supress anyone who disagrees.
Overman: I-I, The first thing you said about the jews.
Reporter: Yeah?
Overman: We haven’t been rounding up-
Reporter: Yes you have.
Overman: No. We haven’t
Reporter: Go see for yourself. Tell me where they are.
Overman: One moment.

Overman flies off and comes back.

Overman back to Lois: Oh my god. You’re right.
Reporter: That’s your country for you.
Overman hiding his face: But it’s worse then I thought.
Reporter: How so.
Overman turns with tears down his face: We’ve killed them all. We-We’re exterminating them.
Lois’s face is shocked.

Overman: I… This isn’t who the Reich should be.
Reporter: But it’s your empire.
Overman: I… Help me. Fight for the truth. This empire should be the saviors not the exterminators. I’ll help you write the story about me and then join me and we can stop this together.
Reporter: Why can’t I just tell everyone the truth at home.
Overman: If this is what my father is doing, then the second people find out. He will just kill all of them. Some of them are being worked to death in the camps. If we stop it from the inside, then we can save some of them. Otherwise they all die.
Reporter: Uh, this is a lot happening at one time.
Overman: You tell me.
Reporter: Uh… So tell me your story.

Chapter 2: The Man of Doubt

In January of 1943, The Daily Planet newspaper is headlined Recent two time pulitzer prize winning journalist disappears, police suspect Nazi spies.

In the same paper, the Italian Empire surrenders to Hitler and Overman. A photo shows Overman isn’t smiling while Hitler is beaming.

Nazi Germany, Overman’s Palace.

Overman flies in from the opening in the roof carrying Lois in the iconic pose.

Lois: That was actually a lot of fun.
Overman: Yeah?
Lois: The wind in my face, the distance above ground, and the speed. It really felt like I was flying!
Overman: You were.
Lois: No, I was your passenger.
Overman: Uh, okay Mrs. Lane.
Lois: Call me Lois please. Also should I call you Clovis.
Overman: I mean I guess. That’s the thing about split identities. People call me my name based on the outfit but now that the reports out everyone choses a diffent one. It’s sort of a first name basis. Most call me Overman or Prince Hitler. Both are weird though
Lois: What about Kal?
Overman: My Alien Name? I mean sure I guess. No one’s ever called me that.
Lois: Should I-
Overman: No, Kal is fine.
Lois: Okay, so how do we stop all of this.
Overman: Well, the first thing we need is to make you a nazi.
Lois: Why would that?
Overman: Because you need to be in the system. If we are going to take this out from the inside, you need to be part of the inside.
Lois: I-I-
Overman: Look, I get father to approve you and we are all good.
Lois: Could we slow down?
Overman: i guess. It’s just the longer this takes, the more people will die.
Lois: You’re right. So how do we get your father to approve.
Overman: Well first we need a cover. A reason for him to approve.
Lois: Which could be?
Overman: We are in love and wish to marry.
Lois: What? No. I don’t love you.
Overman: Ouch.
Lois: Not like that, it’s just-
Overman: Take it slow?
Lois: Ugh!!!
Overman: What?
Lois: I can’t take this slow because then people die but I need to and-
Overman: Hey, calm down. If you need time, we can talk it out and figure everything out. I can’t do this without you.
Lois: But millions of people will-
Overman: It needs to be convincing. Also, I’m more worried about you then them.
Lois: Uh-
Overman: That sounded wrong.
Lois: I know what you mean.

Lois leans in and kisses Overman.

Overman: uh-
Lois: If we need to make it convincing, I might as well start now.

The two make out.

The next morning, Adolf Hitler’s headquarters.

The following conversation happens in German

Hitler: Of all people, you choose an American reporter?
Overman: Why do you think she figured all this out?
Hitler: You freaking TOLD her?
Overman: I love her.
Hitler: And does she love you?
Lois: When I first met him, he was so intimidating but once we talked I realized that he was the big strong man for me.
Hitler: Look, there’s a lot of complications with this decision and frankly I’d rather you choice someone more perfect.
Overman: You mean Blue eyed blond,
Hitler: Yeah, because-
Overman: Why do you make that the ideal race and human when you aren’t that. Don’t you hurt the power of yourself by doing so?
Hitler: Because it’s a rarer set of features which is genetically makeable through eugenics and its easier to create a hierarchy that way.
Overman: You know how tyrannical you sound right now?
Hitler: You listen to me. I am your father and I expect to be treated as such.
Overman: You aren’t my father. (The comment is in Hitler’s face)

Hitler tries to slap Overman but Overman doesn’t budge.

Overman: You know, your a really horrible leader.
Hitler: You know as well as I do that the Reich are the saviors of Germany.
Overman: They should be. They aren’t though.
Hitler: What is that suppose to mean?
Overman: Explain the Final Solution.
Hitler: What did she do to you?
Overman: Lois has done nothing. I found this out on my own.
Hitler: You should be lucky I haven’t ordered her execution. Now get out of my sight boy.
Overman: I need you to let her become a Nazi.
Hitler: She will never be loyal to me. LEAVE!
Overman walks out with Lois
Hitler: You salute the Fuhrer before you leave.

Overman: Hail Hitler.

Overman: Grabs Lois and flies out.

Overman’s Palace
Overman: I-I’m sorry. Also big strong man, that hurt.
Lois: I tried to make me seem less independent and more manipulatable.
Overman: Well it clearly didn’t work. Look. I’m sorry about my father.
Lois: Don’t be.
Overman: What do you mean.
Lois: I figured out how we end the Final Solution.
Overman: How?
Lois: We kill your father.

Chapter 3 “The Man of Loss”

Kal: I can’t kill my father.
Lois: Think about it. If you kill him, then you become the fuhrer.
Kal: Look, if I’m not going to kill my father.
Lois: You’d save millions of people.
Kal: He’s still my father.
Lois: Then we get someone else to kill him. He doesn’t have Superpowers or anything.
Kal: What are you proposing?
Lois: I have a friend in America.

The Wayne Manor
Overman walks through the doors.

Alfred pulls a gun out.
Alfred: Stay back.
Overman: I’m just here to talk.
A voice: You shouldn’t have come here.
Overman: I just want to talk. I have an offer.
Voice: Whatever it is, I don’t want to hear it.
Overman: My father doesn’t know I’m here.
Voice: Good to know.

A shadow appears in the form of a bat. A green glow emanates from the shadow. Overman begins to feel weak.

Overman: What are you doing to me?

The shadow jumps down.

Batman: I’m going to end your motherf***ing life.

Overman: L-L-ois L-ane sent me.
Batman: How do you know her?
Overman: S-she’s… help-ing… me…
Batman: With what?
Overman: Kill….ing……the…fuhrer.

Batman puts away the green glow.

Batman: You want to kill your father?
Overman: I need to stop a genocide.
Batman: Wait what?
Overman: It’s called the final solution. The Nazi’s are exterminating every jew they can find.
Batman: What?
Overman: I’ve seen the camps. Millions of people have died. He’s organizing the death of millions of Jews. I need your help to stop it.
Batman: Why me?
Overman: I need you to kill the Fuhrer.
Batman: I don’t kill. Also, can’t you kill him?
Overman: He’s my father.
Batman: And?
Overman: I’m not killing my father. You lost both your parents right?
Batman: Yeah?
Overman: I don’t want to see my father killed.
Batman: But you are asking me to kill him.
Overman: Because I’m too weak to kill him.
Batman: I’m sorry. You will have to find someone else.
Overman: I-I understand. Please don’t tell anyone about the final solution. If word gets out, my father will kill all the jews working in the camps who haven’t been killed.
Batman: I-I won’t. Good luck.
Overman: Before I go, what is that green stuff?
Batman: I’m not telling you. Now go and if you ever come here again. I will kill you in an instant.
Overman: Very well.

Overman bolts off.

Overman’s palace.

Overman: Lois!!
Overman: LOISSS!!!

Nazi Soldier: Prince Clovis!
Overman: Yes?
Nazi Soldier: Your father left a not for you.
Overman: Thank you.
Nazi Soldier: Hail Hitler.
Overman: Heh, Hail Hitler.

Nazi Soldier leaves.

Dear Son,

You are my son and as such I will always look out for you. I believe this American reporter is corrupting you and will doom all of the Reich and everything you and I have built. For your own good, I am having her executed. I can't have you ruining everything. In time you will understand my choice. This is for your own good.

					Much love,


Hitler’s Headquarters

Overman: WHERE IS SHE!
Hitler: Dead.
Overman: LIAR!!!
Hitler: It’s true.
Overman: Your heart beat gives it away. WHERE IS SHE?
Hitler: Nearly dead.
Overman: You bastard.

Overman grabs his father and punches him in the face again and again. Blood flies everywhere.

Overman: WHERE IS SHE?

Adolf Hitler is dead. Smashed to pulp. Overman looks at his father, but doesn’t feel remorse.

He uses x-ray vision and frantically flies everywhere. He finds Lois in a prison, and burst here out,

Kal: Your safe!
Lois: Oh thank goodness your here.

She runs up to kiss him. He puts his hand out to say no,
Lois: What is it?
Kal: I killed him
Lois: You what?
Kal: I killed my father.
Lois: What happened?
Kal: I smashed his face to death.
Lois: Are you okay?
Kal: I’ll get over it.
Lois: What are you going to do with the body?
Kal: Burn it and kill anyone who heard what happened.
Lois: You-You can’t kill everyone else. It’s not their fault.
Kal: Your right. I’ll just arrest them in secret until this all blows over.
Lois: Go handle it quickly!!
Kal: I got to get you to safety first.
Lois: Let’s hurry then!!

April 4th, 1943

Clovis Hitler: As the new Fuhrer of the Reich, I am ending the genocides and atrocities my father committed. I strongly believe that the Third Reich is better than that. With the help of my wife, I promise to make sure this empire will unite the world with Germany at the forefront of the future. Hail Hitler!!

The crowd: Hail Hitler!!

Clovis Hitler: Long live the reich and may it reign forever!!!

Chapter 4: Broken Bats

The Wayne Manor, 1948
Bruce walks in furious

Dick Grayson: Bruce, are you okay?
Bruce: No
Dick: What do you mean, what’s wrong?
Bruce: Luthor
Dick: You still work with him
Bruce: No I don’t
Dick: What do you mean?
Bruce: I mean I don’t work with Luthor anymore
Dick: You broke up with fing Lex Luthor? The one person who might save this country from conquest?
Bruce: He’s not here to save it. I’ve seen it time and time again. He will do WHATEVER it takes to end it. The make the world in his image. He wants to control America, and he sees the war as the best way to do it.
Dick: Because he’s right!
Bruce: Don’t you wish that was true? Don’t you wish that Lex Luthor had America in his heart. Don’t you wish he could be America’s patriot and that we could all love him? That’s not the case is it? Lex Luthor is a ■■■■■■■ son of a b
* if I’ve ever seen one.
Dick: Look, Bruce I know your upset, but we have to save the world from conquest. This isn’t a matter of opinion, this is the truth. This country can not be conquered by Overman, and if you don’t see it. I don’t know how to teach that to you.
Bruce: Would that be so bad?
Dick: Would what be so bad?
Bruce: A united world?
Dick: Do you hear yourself?
Bruce: No I mean seriously. If we all got together, wouldn’t crime stop. If we had a common purpose, couldn’t we stop crime.
Dick: Listen to yourself. Do you want someone who’s father killed millions leading the world?
Bruce: He wants to be better.
Dick: Does he though?
Bruce: He’s married to Lois Lane?
Dick: I mean your right but-
Bruce: You don’t marry someone if you don’t love them and if you don’t believe in them. That’s how marriage works. He married a beacon of truth who cares so much about the truth she figured out who I was.
Dick: She figured out who you were? So wait Overman knows who you are?
Bruce: yeah….
Dick: What do you mean he knows? Aren’t you putting me at risk. Isn’t everyone who works for you and THE ENTIRE BAT FAMILY AT RISK.
Bruce: Is that such a bad thing?
Dick: YES IT IS! In this world, that’s dangerous. This world isn’t what you wa-
Bruce: But it could be. I want to believe him.
Dick: Do you hear yourself?
Bruce: He wants to be better than his parents. He wants to be better than his father. Don’t you get it. I mean, he came to me
Dick: What?
Bruce: He came to me a while ago and asked for help. Lois told him to come.
Dick: Why?
Bruce: He wanted me to kill his father.
Dick: Why?
Bruce: He wanted to end the Final Solution.
Dick: No-No way that’s
Bruce: He wants to be better than his father.
Dick: LISTEN TO YOURSELF. People are a reflection of their parents. His fing father killed millions of people because of their religion. Listen to yourself, he is no better than his father.
Bruce: He’s much better.
Dick: Look at you, your parents did lots of good be-
Bruce: MY PARENTS DID NOT DO GOOD. They were criminals. They made this s
hole that is Gotham. They let crime perpetuates itself by working with Carmine Falcone. I want to be better than my parents JUST as Overman wants to, and I trust that a whole lot more than Lex Luthor.
Dick: Did you ever think that Lex Luthor wants to be better than his parents?
Bruce: No. He’s an asshole.
Dick: His father was even more of one.
Bruce: Lex is a Smart asshole, there’s not much of a difference.
Dick: But there IS a difference.
Bruce: No there isn’t.
Dick: So what? Are you going to leave everyone behind and let this world be conquered?
Bruce: Yes.
Bruce: Look, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but Luthor wants to kill everyone who supports Overman. He’s building a weapon so powerful that it will kill EVERYONE in ANY CITY LEX WANTS.
Dick: What is this weapon?
Bruce: A bomb. He wants to cause genocide in the same way Adolf Hitler did. I don’t want that. If I tell overman, we can save lives! Lex is a murderer who wants to be a dictator just as bad as Adolf Hitler. How is he better than Overman?
Dick: Because we don’t know what Overman is thinking. For all we know, Overman already has tech to end this world if he chooses to. He’s one man.
Bruce: But I trust Overman more, and he’s married to Lois. Lois is smart. She’s the only person to figure it out, and Overman married her.
Dick: Why are you really leaving, because the person who raised me would have believed Overman would be the end of everything, and would have done anything to stop him. I’ve thought of you as my FATHER Bruce, and I strive to be just like you. I am a reflection of my real parents and their undying optimism and trust in everyone and a reflection of you. Strong, smart, and calculated. The man I see now, isn’t making calculations or using logic. He’s guided on some desire to justify his hidden desires. You are a man I WORE F***ing underwear every day no matter how weird it seemed because I believed in you. It’s clear I can’t anymore. So tell me before you leave because I DESERVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW. WHAT ARE THOSE HIDDEN DESIRES.
Bruce: I met a girl, who serves the Nazis, and she wants me to help raise a new generation of people like you. People who are optimistic, smart, and loyal. I know I haven’t been the best father figure for you, but I hope you know. I’m doing this because of what you taught me.
Dick: Don’t twist my words.
Bruce: Dick, join me. Help me raise a better world.
Dick: I’m sorry. I can’t support an alien conqueror.
Bruce: Dick, look. That girl is named Talia Al Ghul and if you ever change your mind, please come find me. Bye Dick.
Dick: How did I help you make the decision.
Bruce: Dick, I’m going to be a real father.

Chapter 5: Soldiers of the Round Table

In October 1948, the Gotham Gazette reads “Bruce Wayne resigns as CEO of Wayne” Enterprises.
In December 1948, the Daily Planet reads “Lex Luthor is the most wealthy man in America after new purchases in Gotham.”
In March 1949, the Imperial News reads in German “As Japan surrenders, the Reich controls the entire Eastern Hemisphere.”

Imperial Palace. Around the table sit Nazi Soldiers at attention on the perimeter including Captain Nazi. At the table, sit Ra’s Al Ghul in a red and black cloak opposed to the green and yellow traditionally, Batman in a Batman Beyond esque outfit, but a Nazi logo instead of the bat, and Overman in his normal outfit.
Ra’s Al Ghul: WE DID IT!!
Nazi Soldiers cheer, loud and proud.
Overman stands then contemplating
Overman: It’s not enough. I want Lex’s head on a plate!!
Batman: Relax, we’ll get him. He’s running out of allies.
Overman: And what will happen then.
Batman: Knowing Lex, he’ll be desperate.
Overman: And-
Batman: I don’t know. I guess be more like the Joker only smarter.
Overman: What will Lex do in his desperate frustration.
Batman: He’ll kill anyone he can.
Overman: I don’t think Lex is that-
Batman: He’s bad.
Overman: But I feel like that’s a reach.
Batman: An inside source says he’s building bombs.
Overman: And who might this source be?
Batman: Her names Selina.
Overman: And why should I trust her?
Batman: She- I don’t want to talk about her.
Overman: Why not?
Batman: I DON’T Want to talk about it.
Overman: Don’t you raise your voice at me.
Batman: I’m Batman.
Overman: And I’m the fuhrer. I let you into the Nazi organization, don’t make me regret it.
Batman: Heil ■■■■■■■ Hitler.
Overman: Get out.
Batman: Make me.
Overman: I would gladly-
Ra’s Al Ghul: Guys! If we keep arguing like this, Lex wins. I’m not about to let him end everything. Now, I gave you the resources you needed to win. Don’t make me regret this,
Batman: I think we regret this.
Ra’s Al Ghul: But look, we need to know what Lex is thinking. I’ll send some assassins to check.
Captain Nazi: My fuhrer, may I speak.
Overman: Yes Captain.
Captain Nazi: With all due respect Herr Ra’s, the Flash will stop all of them in a millisecond, and his suit and the compound are laced in Kryptonite. We need more allies. Ra’s can talk with Atlantis. Overman, could you try going to space and find allies. Batman, could you check in on project Cyborg. If we get enough heroes, the flash can’t stop us all.
Overman: Captain,
Captain: Yes, Mein Fuhrer.
Overman: We made the right choice.
Captain: In what way?
Overman: Giving you the serum.
Captain: Thank you Fuhrer.
Overman: Everyone let’s follow that plan. The Captain is in charge until I return.
Ra’s Al Ghul: I choose not to comment.
Overman: Fine Ra’s your babysitting my child while my wife will go talk to Atlantis.
Ra’s: I’m done. Kiss the league goodbye.
Overman zooms over to ra’s grabs all the swords and grabs Ra’s neck
Overman: I wasn’t asking, and you will address me as mein fuhrer.
Ra’s: I wasn’t asking either, and I know you won’t kill me.
Overman: I killed my father and I won’t be afraid to kill you.
Ra’s Al Ghul: Then Kill me.
Overman: Captain?
Captain Nazi: Yes mien fuhrer.
Overman: Put him in the Neo-Gulag, and then make sure no one else tries to ruin everything.
Captain: Yes Fuhrer.

Overman jumps upward heading to Space.


Lois: Your Majesty, I want to thank you for stopping your brother for us.
Arthur: Orm is no longer a problem, my lady.
Lois: I appreciate that.
Arthur: But your not here to thank me are you?
Lois: My husband needs your help.
Arthur: I told your husband that Atlantis would stay neutral and given that you can’t exactly attack me, I do not plan to change that.
Lois: But your majesty with all respect, we need help to stop Lex. If we don’t stop him, he could kill millions of people.
Arthur: Which your empire definitely didn’t do to jews.
Lois: We stopped that the second my husband knew.
Arthur: You say my husband this and my husband that but what do you want.
Lois: I want my son to be safe.
Arthur: I’ve always wondered what happened to Lois Lane the two time pulitzer prize winning reporter.
Lois: She fell in love.
Arthur: And at what point did you fall in love.
Lois: When we stopped the camps.
Arthur: Mrs. Lane, I respect you-
Lois: It’s HITLER.
Arthur: I’ll be honest, when I was a teenager, I looked up to Lois Lane. Writer extraordinaire. Now though, your just Mrs. Hitler, a woman on the wrong side. Look, I’m an American first and Atlantean second. Now I’ve done you a big favor by not getting myself involved, but if you want me to change that, I will.
Lois: I see. Thank you your Majesty. If you ever change your mind, let me know.
Arthur: My lady, tell Johann I said hi. Can’t have the future king of the world on my bad side can I?
Lois: I’ll tell my son, you said hi.

Overman: Thanks for meeting with me.
Hal Jordan: I am honored you came all the way out here, not that I won’t punch you in the face and arrest you when we are done.
Overman: I understand Mr. Jordan. Now, as you know, Lex is dangerous, and I can’t touch him.
Hal Jordan: Must make you angry that there’s one person who you can’t stop. That you aren’t infallible. It must scare you to the core. Doesn’t it.
Overman: Now-
Hal Jordan: Look, I’m an American. Your going to find it hard to convince me.
Overman: I understand your- distaste for me. However, I also know that when we win, you will not represent your country.
Hal Jordan: And?
Overman: You’d never be able to come home. Home to see your parents, your friends, Carol-
Hal Jordan: How’d you-
Overman: I know a lot of stuff. Mr. Jordan, I don’t need to convince you. I’m telling you to help me.
Hal Jordan: What do you need?

Project Cyborg
Batman: So your telling me the project is a bust.
Officer: That is correct Herr Bat.
Batman: Your telling me that Luthor can make a clone of the Fuhrer with just his DNA, but you can’t make a human with a robot body.
Officer: That is correct.
Batman: Let me see it.
Batman looks at the cyborg. Nothing looks in place, and everything looks off.
Batman: You’ve done it all wrong.
Officer: Herr Bat, with all respect the technology doesn’t exist yet. Working with alien tech isn’t easy.
Batman: He gave you an entire fortress of technology to jump start the empires tech and you can’t succeed. Leave the room.
Officer: Why?
Batman: I’m just going to do it myself. If Lex can do it, then I can do it.

Chapter 6:
The Lex Compound

Hal Jordan: Mr. Luthor, turn off the Kryptonite now.
Lex: Of all the people I thought would turncoat, you were not one of them.
Hal Jordan: Turn it off.
Lex: No.
Hal Jordan: i wasn’t talking to you.
Cyborg: Done.
Lex: What?
Overman: It’s over Luthor
Overman collapses.
Lex: They forgot to check for personal Kryptonite didn’t they. Overman.
The Flash zooms in.
The Flash: Overman’s cabinet members are down Mr- Oh. You got him.
Hal Jordan: Lex, put it away.
Lex: No.
Hal Jordan. Then I’ll-
Lex: Do what? You can’t kill me.
Hal Jordan: I-
Lex: Now, I could kill you now Overman. I would love to. However, I would much rather let you watch everything fall apart and then beat you fair and square. So I’m going to do that. Or I should say I already did do that.
Overman: W-w-hat did you do.
Lex: send bombs to 5 different cities in your domain. Let’s see, Paris, Tokyo, London, Moscow, and oh let’s see, Berlin. Now, you can stop me or save everyone and something tells me, you can’t save everyone. Tick tock. Oh and these bombs can level the city.
Lex puts the Kryptonite away.

Overman: Hal go to Moscow.
Hal: And you?
Overman zooms off.

London: Overman looks around and can’t find any bombs. He uses x-ray vision and sees a lead lines plane which dropped a bomb.
Overman dashes and laser eyes the bomb. And a giant boom shines 1 mile above the city Zoom

Paris: The Eiffel Tower covered in a Nazi Symbol hangs over the tower.

Bomb is lower to the ground A giant boom shines half a mile above. Laser Eyes zoom.

Belin: The Imperial Palace glimmers.

Bomb nearly lands. Overman can’t stop it with laser eyes. He grabs it and covers it. Taking to full brunt of the bomb.

Overman collapses on the streets of Berlin.

Overman can barely hear anything. BOOM Overman hears a bomb going off in Moscow. He hears the screams of millions. Children scream and mothers who are barely alive scream for their children or cry in pain.

BOOM Overman hears a bomb going off in Tokyo. He hears a million screams and the terror of every child. The Flash appears, holding Batman.
Flash: Lex wanted to do this fair. I’d rather see you dead now. But that honors been promised to someone else.

Overman: Bruce?
Batman: It’s nothing personal. I’ve just changed my mind. Batman, kryptonite in hand, punches Overman in the face. Again and again. BANG. Batman falls.

Lois: Never mess with my husband. BANG BANG. Batman is dead.
Lois grabs the Kryptonite and covers it.

Overman gets up, weak but ready to kill.
The Flash tries to zoom off, but Overman follows. The Flash turns on the Krytonite in his suit but Overman keeps pushing himself.

Millions upon Millions of voices scream in Clovis’s mind. Taking multiple beatings, a nuke, and hearing the screams of millions it too much. Clovis wants to kill, he needs to kill. He needs some form of revenge, yet every millisecond he feels weaker. He pushes himself further.

They are in the middle of the ocean. Overman grabs the Flash and kills him.

Overman collapses in the middle of the Ocean.

In the atmosphere, Kara Zor-el’s powers kick in to the sound of millions of screams and has PTSD and hears the death of her planet. It’s too much. She uses her laser eyes in pain, breaks her rocket, and collapses in the ocean. As her ears burst, she takes in water and drowns

The day that will live in infamy. The loss of a generation. Two boys. One grows up with a dead father while the other’s never get better. Damian Wayne grows up without Bruce while Overman is never the same. Moscow and Tokyo are gone and qWally West learns about Barry’s death. Hal Jordan leaves earth forever knowing he failed to save Moscow, and Arthur discovers a dead Kryptoian. And while Dick Grayson looks at a new cloned overman, Lex Luthor laughs.

This is the End of Supersons of Elseworlds: Overboy Vol. 1. THAT MEANS a Vol. 2 is on the way shifting the focus to Johann Hitler AKA Overboy and Damian Wayne AKA Red Demon. Yep, this is not what you were expecting! The Oversons will be a VERY different story then you are used to. One of tragedy but also finding comfort through the tragedy.

When I’ve read elseworld stories in the past, they tend to make an end and often ignore all the moving pieces of the DC Universe. If Superman is a Nazi, of course other heroes will intervene or fight on both sides. Of course Kara needs to show up (although it didn’t go well for her…), because elseworlds capture how a difference affects the world at large as well. Of course, the other Supersons of Elseworlds will be one shots (5ish pages) about other scenarios and won’t be this big (because this took WAY too long to write). So I’ll see you in Supersons of Elseworlds Vol. 2, or check out the main event series written by Captain Thunder, who gave you a taste of the other versions of Jon. Of course for the other version of Damian you’ll have to wait AND there’s a story reason for why only Jon appears to change (you’ll learn it after Overboy Vol. 2)

Please let me know what you thought below!!! And let me know where you think vol. 2 will go. ALSO my next project in Atrocity Vol. 1 #3-6 so anything you want might get shown in some way.

Also, I’ll be publishing a short What About Where I will tell you what characters you like are doing in this world. SO if you give me a character, like Jason Todd, I’ll tell you what their lives are like in this world.



This is your best work yet, Nathan. The world you created here has that Elseworlds vibe in spades.

Batman is such a little jerk :joy: “I’m Batman.” “Make me.”

Who is Captain Nazi? Is he this world’s Captain Atom?

Lois being named Lois Hitler is still daunting. Lois, that alien can’t be worth it. Open your eyes!

No, He’s an iconic Shazam Villain named Captain Nazi. Of course, I’d be a fool not to include him.

He’s not that big of a presence post flashpoint. (He comes in one comic (Superman Annual #3 (2011)) and promptly dies.

Oh! I had never heard of that character. That’s a great level of detail you added.

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I can’t decide if it’s okay to be excited when Captain Nazi shows up or not. Probably not. Definitely not. Still, great story all the same!

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Thanks @batwing. I think you can be excited that I’ve thought about the world in that way while thinking oh, he’s a bad character. I also think he’s not as evil in this version. He’s loyal to a fault, but Overman isn’t all bad, so it’s a complicated world.

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Alright, finally managed to carve out some time and give this a proper read through. Apologies for taking for so long.
First off, as a Shazam/Captain Marvel fan, OMG CAPTAIN NAZI! SQUEEEEE!!!
Second, love the sequence where Bats and Flash betray Overman, leading to a final, truly devastating conclusion. Loved the conversation between Hal Jordan and Overman as well.
Batman cussing and being (more of) a little jerk was a little off-putting at first, but then this version of Batman also seems a bit more manipulable than most, so I could see him being a bit more arrogant, too (plus his dialogue was just fun, period).
You’ve definitely put a lot of thought into how the DCU as a whole would be shaped by the presence of Overman. I honestly would never have thought of some of the decisions you’ve made. Great job!

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@nu52 Look at how well my original writing came out!!! hahahahah…

Is this the anti-life equation???
Nathan is

Aparently… HAHA