Swamp Thing has been cancelled

Swamp Thing is not getting renewed according to business execs.


Let’s face it Swamp thing s Fantastic and gives new characters a chance to shine. Join me #swampthingshouldstay!


I’m still waiting for some sort of official confirmation from someone at DC Universe on that since the site that first reported it was one I had never heard of before and we know how internet rumors can be. Having said that though I agree something needs to be done to sway the suits if this turns out to be true because its a stupid decision in a long line of stupid decisions.

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I’m one of the few who thinks the pilot was just OK, but for everyone else’s sake I hope this is just a rumor.


Not smart at all for them to do this. I don’t get this decision at all.

Is there an official source?

How do you get cancelled from your own service

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Smh. Unbelievable.

Finding it strange they couldn’t find a place to film it after the North Carolina tax debacle.


Really DCU, one episode. You gave people one episode before you pull the plug. How about at least let people get into the series and see if the fans think it’s worth a second season before you kill it? I was really excited for this show. Now I know it’s already done. I had such high hopes for future tie-ins and story arcs and well just a green future in general, but that has been sprayed with DC Roundup. I know DC is going through some challenges but just seems to be one kick in the teeth after another to the fans. #SaveSwsmpThing #SwampThingShouldStay

Multiple sites are saying it

I haven got seen it becouse I don’t like horror but for everyone else #saveswampthing

This is a bad decision, DC. The show has rave reviews. Why can’t you get out of your own way?


Officially official, fart sound. #$%^ you WB, you’ve canceled everything DC that has resonated with me.

I just canceled HBO.

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Two can play that game.

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One of the more reputable sites has confirmed it:


My only reason for subscribing. Doom Patrol was just a good bonus. I will be cancelling after Swamp Thing ends.

Please don’t blame N.C. I live and am from there. Also just moved to Wilmington for school, where it was filmed its a great place

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If the state of North Carolina promised the WB a grant to cover of half of the show’s costs, but because of their error did not for fill their promise, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if a lawsuit is impending.


This is awkward…

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