Swamp Thing needs a season 2

So I have watched swamp thing through twice. I really liked Titans and I loved Doom Patrol but to me swamp thing was the best and most complete show. I can’t wait for additional seasons of the other two but I would really love a season 2 of swamp thing. Chime in.


I totally agree it was my favorite as well followed by Doom Patrol, followed by Titans. I really hope they decide to make a season two as well or in the very least include Swamp Thing in more projects, perhaps some sort of cross over into Titans. (WARNING-JLD Minor Spoilers ahead) Maybe even some sort of Justice League Dark sequel(although I felt the film was not one of the better animated films, it handled Constantine, Etrigan, and Zatanna very well, as I particularly enjoyed seeing Etrigan’s story unfold throughout) where this time the plot focuses on swamp thing, the rot/the dark magic surrounding it rather than Etrigan and the magic surrounding his back story.


Yes, I believe SWAMP THING needs a season two! It seems in this time and age great shows Like SWAMP Thing gets killed too soon!