Swamp thing...oh my oh my

just watched swamp thing #5 and I am saddened. This show is leaps and bounds better than Titans and Doom Patrol. Those two shows as good as they were meandered at times…swamp thing is just getting creepier and better each episode and…we all know it.

I’d cancel both the other shows if it meant saving swamp thing. DC has messed up big time and it is a shame…a big shame. DC should have bit the bullet and finished up the 13 episode order and shopped it around between seasons.

Shame on you DC/Warner’s…shame shame shame.


I think we can all agree that it’s unfortunate, but until further information comes out about the reason to it’s cancellation, I don’t know if there’s much the DC community can do except enjoy the first season and give it the full praise it deserves. It’ll be easier to gauge a response once we find out why the show was cancelled.


Are you serious yo-yo? Politicians and movie studio executives are the lowest of the lowest (just above lawyers). Both sides will lie so we will never really no; in both their interests to just bury it.

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Yes, I prefer to gauge my responses to things on official sources, rather than the assumption that the same people that made this amazing app and fund all the amazing comics also secretly don’t care about the fans. One is based on facts presented by official sources, and the other is based on an illogical assumption. In the end, everyone who works as big time business managers and such are all human, and also have much more realistic concerns to juggle with than we as fans even know about. It should be noted that I’m love Swamp Thing, and would do anything to give it the go for a Season 2, I just don’t assume the worst of people making the decisions because I know that there is always more to the story than we know. Until we know the full picture, our judgements will always be limited.

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*I love Swamp Thing, not I’m love Swamp Thing

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We will have to agree to disagree. I know there are good people working at WB, but we also now know that, at the top, some of them have gotten into trouble for various reasons over the past year or so; none of them good. Movies like “The Player” and Mel Brooks’ “The Producers” pretty much got it right, IMO. And the forth coming Harvey Weinstein movie is going to be a blast.

@yoyofroyo well said!

Also, unlike like a lot of threads here, it’s nice to see the both of you being calm and reasonable with your sides of the issue. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you see some of the things people are saying to each other on these forums, seeing something like this is nice.


I’m good with agreeing to disagree. I understand we all just love the content that DC is producing and have our own interpretations of how things like this work. I know that I still have a lot to learn about stuff like this, so I tend to put my trust in those who know what they’re doing. As I said though, I have a lot to learn. Here’s to DC continuing to make great content :smiley:

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It is only logical for the upcoming WB streaming service to absorb the DC content. Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lethal Weapon Movies, Matrix movies and DC comic book movies and TV shows and things I didn’t even mention all in one spot so as to compete with Disney/ABC…I am going to predict that eventually WB will enter into some sort of alliance with Paramount down the line; the signs are already there.

Disney/Marvel/Pixar/Lucas Film is going to be a beast (especially now that they have FOX movie stuff) and WB has to do what they think is logical, so I have no problem with them terminating this DC UNIVERSE app or just using it for their comic book catalog. I hate the term “Lame Duck”…but…it is what it is

Loved that moment when Abby saw all the creepy supernatural undeniable evidence that her patient was possessed by the spirit of her dead friend Shauna and then went downstairs mildly upset and confronted her step-mom about talking to her patient about Shauna. Sure, that’s the appropriate reaction after seeing your best friend/step-sister drowning outside a second story window.