Swamp Thing on the CW?

Now I know it’s a long shot but let’s say the reaction for this show gains a lot of traction. Which makes the people at WB look at the situation and instead of making season 2 instead kinda interweave season 2 plans as well as the actors into the rumored Justice League Dark show for HBO Max. They could also wave a little bit more money and the idea of completing the Constatine series in front of Matt Ryan and bring him on board as well.
That way JLD will already have the fan followings of Constatine and Swamp Thing.


:+1: to this idea!

I know Marc Guggenheim has been fairly vocal about trying to get Swamp Thing to crossover into the Arrowverse somehow.


Good to know someone on the inside is championing this idea!

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Thing is, while Constantine was a darker and more violent show than the CW usually makes the character himself didn’t need to be and was easy to integrate into a lighter show like Legends. Swamp Thing on the other hand doesn’t fit in that context, do you really see him joining Legends, hanging with Flash or Supergirl?

He’d be fine in Justice League dark or making a guest appearance in the Arrowverse but I don’t see him integrating with any of the shows for more than an episode or two.

That’s not to say I don’t hope Swamp Thing continues in some form, I really hope he does.

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Legends is a light show, but it’s full of characters with dark & disturbing pasts. Sara was an assassin and Mick immolated his parents alive. The show just sort of shrugs these bits off and leans into the zaniness.

They would probably turn Swamp Thing into a straight man for jokes or have him insta-grow pot* for Behrad.

*Something Swampy actually did in an old issue of Hellblazer. :sunglasses:

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I hated that it was cancelled also, but was mad disappointed with the final episode “Loose Ends.” A lot of pointless things going on there and the way the writers had started to build up and strengthen certain characters only to be like “you dead. You cray. Blah blah blah…” just an opinion.

Is there a chance for a second season

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“Outlook not so good”

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:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again

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Fine, meany!
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:crystal_ball: My sources say no

Darn it!

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Anyone else miss Swamp Thing?
Halloween season would have been so good for Season 02 of Swamp Thing.


I dont understand why is dc not taking these ideas and using em for the app could you imagine after time and getting rights back to every character how awesome it would be instead of a cinematic universe dc could habe one similiar to arrowverse except with all the r rated comic story lines that would be epic.

I’m definitely going to do a rewatch in October.