Swamp Thing Petition?

Is there a petition to keep Swamp Thing going? If not does anyone know of a way to start one? This show is quite honestly amazing and it’s only 2 episodes in at the time I’m writing this. It would be a shame to see such a unique and albeit perfect combination of horror and action be ended. This show has already encapsulated the things that make Swamp Thing such an awesome character. Lets do our best to keep this show going!

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Isn’t that something they do on Facebook or Twitter I’m not on either one I thought that’s what most or started

I mean… I don’t see how helpful it’s going to be. But this exact scenario happened with YJ when it got canceled. And it was the fans that called it back!!

So… Maybe the fans can do it again?

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Yea I singed something on twitter yesterday.


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I haven’t seen seen an episode yet but I signed it anyways ^^^

I signed it I don’t know what good it will do

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My petition signature is my non renewing of my membership. Expect this kind of thing from SyFy or FOX or NBC, but not a streaming service of original content. Maybe it was too expensive, fine. But you need to invest and build a library if you want to play ball long term. I honestly think they don’t plan to go long term with this service anymore - just my gut feeling regardless of the spin.