Swamp Thing Season 2

Who else thinks they should at least make a season 2 of swamp thing with the introduction of John Constantine as a new character to help himself and swamp thing against the darkness rising in the swamp


They tore down all of the sets, including the $million special tank they filmed the swamp scenes in. So, no chance at all for a season 2


It was a huge financial loss, it’s not coming back. And I bet it’s likely we won’t see another Swamp Thing show for quite a while. (At least a decade)

Yeah, Swamp Thing is probably the new He Who Must Not Be Named at corporate HQ, merely mentioning his name could be a firing offense.

Dang. Just bad timing. Streaming allowed for such a show to even be created! At least we got to witness its greatness. A shame, it would have been a great jumping on point for Dr Fate.


They don’t give good shows enough support. They are always too quick to give up. Too many good shows could have been great if they were given a second season to grow or if they could have had more episodes in the first season. Too much needed exposition requires more episodes to truly get going.

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Had nothing to do with enough time or support. It was a money loser. All shows will always get cancelled if they lose money.

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I think I’ve heard that this was one of the most expensive shows to ever be made. And to do that with a not super well-known character on your new streaming service and not setting the show up… yeah, that was a gamble that wouldn’t see pay-back no matter what they did, really.


I would love for them to figure things out so they can bring it back. I was slow getting around to it because of knowing it’s likely to be a one (season) and done with all the drama around the season being shortened but its surprisingly well made. Makes the CW stuff look (more) corny.

I liked the Constantine series a lot too so yeah, sign me up for a guest appearance and expanding on the whole dark magic side of the dcu. I think there’s a still lot to explore with a solo Swamp Thing show. It’s just getting started.


This show was a pleasant surprise. Frankly it’s the best original show on here. Doom Patrol is terrible, titans 1st season was weak but season 2 is looking up. Sucks it got canceled

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Guess there wasn’t enough Green for Swamp Thing to be brought back to life.

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It was canceled prior to the first episode. You have to at least be allowed to air first.

Save money?


Drop it it to 6-8 episodes. Give more plot than monster in most stories. If all else fails, create a movie.

It can be done. It should be done.

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Excellent show, really excellent. Hopefully, it will be revived in some form close to this.

I JUST finished the season and thought it was very good. Really hope they give it another shot.