Swamp thing

dc was stupid for canceling this series they should of just forked out rest of the money because they spend a lot of money on crap and this show is awesome it’s one of the best shows dc has ever done if this show doesn’t return then dc just made another mistake to stack on top of the other ones they have done in the past!


Honesty they could have just relocated the show to a more inexpensive venue.

This show was worth the effort to keep IMO.

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They gave us a great swamp thing story, Blue Devil and Phantom Stranger. The writing was just as good as Doom Patrol and made beg for Mr. John Conjob Constantine to show up but cancel it before the first season is even released. But don’t worry we are getting a new Wonder Woman movie that’s looking like a train wreck in slow motion in 2020.

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Swamp Thing was a mistake. It’s core audience can’t support the production costs. 10 episodes to lose $60+ Million. Yep that’s a mistake.

If HBOMAX wanted to do a season 2, they could have. They have the production resources. They passed and are doing Green Lantern instead. That speaks volumes about its general audience appeal.