Swamp thing

Why was swamp thing cancelled. It is such a good show!


Oh man there’s been dozens of threads about this. It’s a great show so far but no one knows the reason as to why it was canceled. Just lots of speculation.


Because Crystal Reef has confessed her undying love for me and has decided acting is no longer her passion.

We will be getting married at the end of this year and our first child’s name will be Alec or Aleca.

Thank you for your concern :slight_smile:



We need a national alert system for show cancellations so everybody can get their feelings out at once.

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No one knows, but like most things in tv it likely comes down to money.


Probably really expensive. it is a super high quality show. Loved ST episode 4 by the way. I think it was higher in quality than Krypton S2 Episode 1, but Krypton Episode 2 was great. So, I hope they kept the props and signed the actors, because it would be cool to cross them over with Aquaman or at least put them at the end of the movie as a trailer. Personally, the actor who plays Abbey on ST is more likeable and relatable as someone to watch in a super hero movie than the actor who plays Mera on Aquaman and probably way less expensive.


I’m glad it has such a following but the more i’m watching it…the less I actually like the writing here…I do hope it gets picked back up…but this early on, i’m not a fan of how the characters are playing out

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I really enjoyed episode 4, so the series might make a believer out of me yet. But while I would certainly not call Swamp Thing a “bad” show it has definitely been my least favorite of the DC Universe shows so far. It is great whenever Swamp Thing shows up, and he looks amazing and no denying the production values as a whole are probably the best of all the live action DCU shows.

But due to I assume budget making it impossible to have Swamp Thing appear heavily in the episodes, they clearly had to make Abby the actual star of the show. Which is not a bad idea in theory, but so far it has been a lot of talking heads, borderline soap opera storylines, and endless talk about the Green Flue… occasionally interrupted by Swamp Thing doing something.

Episode 4 was an improvement and I like the Blue Devil storyline and am intrigued by it. But won’t lie, assuming it stays similar to what we got so far I wouldn’t be shocked if WB saw the episodes, thought it would not go over that well, and cut their huge losses and cut back the episode number and didn’t make big plans to renew it based on that. Obviously if so they gauged people’s reaction wrong, but I wouldn’t have thought it would get over as big as it has either.

DTMO1: I think ST is getting an exaggerated positive reaction due to it being cancelled. The show has been good, but not great, it certainly hasn’t justified it’s huge budget.


we dont know but its a good show and maybe with the outcry from viewers it might renew or go on another platform

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Just read a news blog which claims WB is planning a Swamp Thing big screen movie

How credible is that information?


No idea about the credibility of the site, but perhaps WB saw the ST footage and decided if we’re going to put $80 -$90 million into this maybe it should be a movie instead.

@BrightKnight Yeah, I doubt that site has any credibility

^ Fake! Fake! Fake!

Do not believe anything that comes directly from We Got This Covered or that cites We Got This Covered as a source.

Do not do it!

What was the name of the site that broke the news about ST being cancelled? Don’t remember, but I do remember people saying it was a fake and had no credibility.

Very good chance this is not true, but how would we really know for sure? If I was a WB executive I’d sure as hell at least be floating the idea of a ST movie right now and at SDCC just to placate fans like us.

@BrightKnight That’s just the problem. We don’t know for sure. So it may not be the best idea to spread rumors until we know for certain. There’s already too many rumors floating around the community right now. Even if this is a positive one, it may be best to wait and see.

@BrightKnight I have wondered that too. Although it was getting huge praise when the first episode came out before the cancellation leaked. But it does seem like a lot of sources didn’t jump on praising Swamp Thing until they could pair it with “Warner made a huge mistake they will never recover from, and DCU is DONE!” so wonder how many would even be talking about their supposedly greatest show in streaming history if it hadn’t been cancelled. A lot of those sites posting reviews talking about WB’s massive mistake didn’t start reviewing until episode 2.

As for the outcry… I do wonder if that has translated into people cancelling as much as some think. The save swamp thing petition has not even gotten 4000 signatures yet. it takes literal seconds to sign those things but not even 4,000 people in nearly a month have cared enough to do it. I am picking on Swamp Thing, I swear. But I think a lot of this is more noise than anything.

“What was the name of the site that broke the news about ST being cancelled?”

Deadline Hollywood.

“I do remember people saying it was a fake and had no credibility.”

This is false.

Deadline Hollywood is one of the “Hollywood Trades”, the four biggest and most credible and well-respected news sites in the entertainment industry (the others being The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Entertainment Weekly).