Look, you’re not allowed to give us a great first episode and then just decide that you can cancel the series without a second season… without first giving us a chance to watch the rest and then decide after that.

Well, you can, but it just makes people who enjoy DCs content not happy with them. Stop giving us reasons to dislike y’all. What the actual HECK are you people doing at the top? What’s the reason for this? One of the news sites said leadership didn’t like it? Well, sorry leadership, if it makes you money… who cares what you think???

You people make me angry. We spend so much money on your platforms and to meet up with y’all and this is the thanks we get as fans of your comics and shows.


I think it’s important to remember that the DC Universe employees and creators that interact with fans have a bigger stake in the success of the platform and it’s shows than anyone. They pour their time and efforts into the product and have a financial incentive to want it to succeed.
And as much as they’re the villians at the moment the people crunching the budget who advised the show order be cut and the second season shouldn’t be produced did so in order to ensure the platform could meet financial expectations. If the budget issue regarding Swamp Thing is true we’re talking about a $26 million check DCU would be on the hook for. A new platform can’t take that hit, especially in it’s first few years when it has to prove it’s viable to stay online.

Then, wouldn’t it have been smart to not hype it up or waste everyone’s time like this? Because, right now it’s hard to see this as anything else but a waste of time for everyone.

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