"Tales from the Dark Multiverse" is a great series, let's brainstorm new ideas

This series is so fun and inventive, I would love to see what ideas the community has for new stories. New ways that we can twist the DC Universe to make interesting dark universes. :smiling_imp: :batman_stoichqtas: :joker_side_eyehqtas:


Honestly, it’s enough of a cool concept that I wouldn’t mind if they kept producing “Tales of the Multiverse” comics without the underlying notion that these are worlds spawned from the “Dark Multiverse”, or that they require a bleak/ hopeless ending.

Still, in keeping with the nightmarish theme of these five, I would propose a dark take on the first Tim Drake Robin miniseries (I believe it’s sold in TPB as “Robin Vol. 1: Reborn”). At the end of the 5-issue series, Robin has this moment where Shiva is telling him to murder King Snake, and obviously Robin refuses, goes back to Gotham, etc. Well, in the Dark Multiverse version, my pitch would be that Robin snaps and becomes the lethal weapon that Shiva trained him to be. Having chosen to abandon Batman’s code of ethics, Tim decides to stay in Hong Kong, where he takes out criminals using lethal force. By that point, he would even be familiar enough with King Snake’s operations that he sustains his new lifestyle from King Snake’s fortune, so he’s not even contacting Alfred for money or whatever. Eventually, Batman decides that he’s going to put a stop to this, so he goes off, tries telling Robin to knock it off, and after a few panels of intense fighting and gripping dialogue, Robin winds up picking up a gun and shooting Bats in the head. By the end of the issue, I think it would be really cool if by some contrivance, Tim Drake abandons the Robin mantle and becomes that earth’s Red Hood. Maybe he takes a moment to look inwards, and realizes that he’s become so far removed from the Robin legacy that he chooses to adopt a new moniker.

I don’t know, that’s the best I can come up with. At this point, we’ve already seen so much of the whole “sidekick goes evil” story that it’s a bit of a cliche, but I don’t think we’ve ever specifically seen Tim Drake as Red Hood before, so there is a glimmer of originality :sweat_smile:

And also, welcome to the community!


One story I’d love to see that was teased in the original announcement and the graphic novel description is The Killing Joke, where Joker shoots Jim Gordon instead of Barbara. I think there’s a lot of potential for seeing a dark Babs utilize both her fighting skills and incredible mind in a one-woman war against Joker. After all the torment he’s put her through, it’d be kind of cathartic to see her finally end him

Also, I have no idea how I missed this last month, but we actually are getting 2 more Dark Multiverse stories based on Hush and Flashpoint!


That’s super cool, thanks for the warm welcome pal. Your Tim idea is cool, I haven’t read that series but I will now.

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I LOVE that idea, you never really see Barbara go crazy like that so it would be really unique. :batman_hv_4:

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Batman’s plans in Tower of Babel work too well and the JLA dies. Remaining heroes hunt him down but of course he has plans for them and as he continually defends himself (kills) he descends further into villainy. You could have him turning on villains too since I would anticipate super-crime increases as heroes die.

Maybe a play on Legends where Darkseid’s plan works.
You could have No Man’s Land become permanent.

Wally West snaps and murders a bunch of heroes. No. Too dark.




What if anti-monitor won? the Crisis sequel, where new characters take to the scene, and start a resistance against anti monitor.
Rebellion team:
Batman: Red son
Captain Carrot
Superwoman earth 11
Terry McGinnis
Kingdom Come Wonder Woman (in Golden eagle armor)
Will Tornado

Leader: Hal Jordan


I’m so happy that people are actually responding to my prompt :frankhqtas: :batman_hv_6: :harley_hv_7: :joker_hv_5:

I would really like to see something with Batman: Long Halloween or Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis but I’m not sure what, any ideas?

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I admit I haven’t read these yet

Are these on DCU? If not, hoping they will get added eventually

Yeah they are, you’ll see them if you search up the titles.

Awesome thanks @Zacharingi !!!

I am going to add them to my ( already growing :slight_smile: ) comic list

Yeah, I don’t think that could ever work, even a comic meant to be extra dark


Maybe a world where Green Arrow fails to stop Hal Jordan’s Parallax? I don’t know, there’s a reason I’m not a comic writer.


Was that during Zero Hour? I’ve never read the event myself, but I saw it referenced in GA’s “Quiver” by Kevin Smith.

Which makes me wonder: How about a Dark Multiverse story where Stanley Dover succeeds in taking over “Ollie’s” body? Not sure how far they could take that concept, but I’m sure a good writer could do something satisfying with it.

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I don’t remember exactly what story it was, but a story like that sounds awesome!

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It was zero hour


Maybe with TLH you could change up victims to be more personal to Bruce. Or since they take some big leaps with Dark, explore that Holiday is actually Bruce but I’m not a huge fan of split personality stories (D.I.D.) because they usually fall apart under scrutiny.
It’s my favorite Batman story of all time so it’s hard to think of offshoots.


Quality thread. I’ll make a Tales from the Dark Multiverse proposition: one based on my favorite underrated event comic, THE FINAL NIGHT.

In The Final Night, the sun is consumed by a Sun Eater, and the world’s heroes do all kinds of things to try and save it. Ultimately the only thing that does is Hal Jordan, as Parallax, sacrificing himself to reignite it.

But before that happens, Etrigan approaches humanity with a deal. He can save the Earth from extinction if they allow the entire planet to be moved into Hell. Of course, they tell Etrigan to screw off… but what if they had no other choice?

In TALES FROM THE DARK MULTIVERSE: THE FINAL NIGHT, the entire world goes to Hell. Literally. And while they aren’t necessarily damned, they do have to contend with demons and hellfire as part of their every day reality.