Tales from the dark multiverse: Knightfall

Ik I’m late to this but holy cow this book was amazing highly recommend it to anyone familiar with the classic knightfall arc from back in the day (available on DCU I believe)


Great read.

Agreed. I was late in getting to this one. It is very well written as a stand alone story. But if you have any knowledge of the Knightfall storyline you will appreciate it even more.

Knightfall was one of the first major arcs that got me into reading/collecting comics about a decade ago. This one-shot issue was so much fun to read, especially with all the nods it gave to the source material, from delving into Azrael’s twisted morality to Shiva coming to Bruce’s rescue. And then, to have this story end, arguably on an even darker note than it started on… just gives me chills thinking about it.

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I can not wait for the Hardback for the Tales from the Dark Multiverse coming in March


I was unaware that they were making rhat! I’ll have to get it

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Yeah I did to till I accidentally came across it on Amazon


I’ve been enjoying all of the Dark Multiverse titles except for the Blackest Night… not so hot on that one.

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Yeah the Blackest Night issue felt like the writers were doing it ironically. The other two actually felt like genuine, original stories.

I had fun with that issue, as well. Seeing what Bruce becomes at the end book was bonkers.