Teen Titans (2016-) #12

Teen Titans (2016-) #12

This issues says to read Dark Metal #1&2 first. However, they are not available. Please make the cross-overs and tie-ins are available. Thanks.


Needs issue 15 too:/

OMFG The Batman Who Laugh’s “First Robin” has me floored! WTF did I just read?!?!

They’re available now. However, the official list of tie-ins and one-shots lists this BETWEEN Metal #1 and #2.

I thought that the DC catalogue added every digital comic with the exception of anything 30 days or newer. The Batman who laughs tie in is not here though…

Hi @DarkJester90! We’re presently working on things in anticipation of adding more content to our inventory, so we thank you for your making mention of this specific title.

If you haven’t already, and are interested, please also see our announcements regarding on the expansion, such as: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/watchtower/dc-unveils-expanded-digital