Ten against Cthulu



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If I was a good writer I would explore why the cultist are hell bent on having the Grrat Old Ones come back since it will result in the end of civilization and the extermination of the human race.

There is a series of books that deal with that. The main character is one of the Deep Ones a survivor of the events decribed in Shadows of Innsmouth.

It begins with the short work The Litany of Earth, using the world of Lovecraft. The short novella is free at

A quote

"Some people think that ‘power’ is a good answer, and it isn’t. The power that can be found in magic is less than what you get from a gun, or a badge, or a bomb.” I pause. “I’m trying to remember all the things I need to tell you, now, at the beginning. What magic is for is understanding. Knowledge. And it won’t work until you know how little that gets you.

Sharhlyda —Aeonism—is a bit like a religion. But this isn’t the Bible—most of the things I’m going to tell you are things we have records of: histories older than man, and sometimes the testimony of those who lived them. The gods you can take or leave, but the history is real.

“All of man’s other religions place him at the center of creation. But man is nothing—a fraction of the life that will walk the Earth. Earth is nothing—a tiny world that will die with its sun. The sun is one of trillions where life flowers, and wants to live, and dies. And between the suns is an endless vast darkness that dwarfs them, through which life can travel only by giving up that wanting, by losing itself. Even that darkness will eventually die. In such a universe, knowledge is the stub of a candle at dusk.”

“You make it all sound so cheerful.”

“It’s honest. What our religion tells us, the part that is a religion, is that the gods created life to try and make meaning. It’s ultimately hopeless, and even gods die, but the effort is real. Will always have been real, even when everything is over and no one remembers.”

One of my favorite lines in literature

“The effort is real.”

Helps to keep.people like me to keep trying, however the certainty of failure to communicate with.other human beings.

A non review of this work, by a college professor I wish I had , is found at


If you want to know about The works of Lovecraft:


Start with reading the Intro article.

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Doctor Fate can handle the Great old one solo.

Very Cool man! I have always like The Spectre but have never read any of his solo stuff. been meaning to fix that. I will deffinitly be going back and checking out the Aquaman and Etrigan story thanks for all the links and background info. :+1: :vulcan_salute:

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