Ten against Cthulu

Just working on a idea to use

Less used supernatural characters

against Cultists wanting to awaken

Lovecraft’s Cthulu and the Great Old Ones that are in deep sleep on. Earth.

Madame Xanadu senses an imminent danger. She knows that magic would be used to raise the Great Old Ones and that those who wield pure magic would be detected by the magicians of the cults, so does not contact Dr Fate, Zatanna or Constantine.

Instead she recruits

Her former lover Jason.Blood from Demon Knights and his alter ego Etrigan the Demon.

Dr Victoria October PHD /MD/ Expert in.Biology and habitat of Monsters / Examiner of Evidence for clues / Weapon Maker, from Tynion’s Detective run She can patch up Frankenstein and the others.

They recruit

Jim Corrigan as Detective. They don’t trust him in.attack on cults because his alter ego The Spectre won’t leave any survivors so dont inform him of attacks. This Spectre is limited in two ways:

Can’t punish unless KNOWS with certainty that person guilty, which means essentially Caught in the Act

Can’t read minds.

Otherwise incredibly powerful including transforming humans to inanimate objects while they are still conscious.

We will see Spectre and Etrigan in action in critical points like when some minor Great Old Ones awakes on Earth but main storyline carried by these other recruits.

Deadman (ghost who can possess body of humans) .and plant elemental Black Orchid (shapeshifter, super strength) for inflitration into cults

Frankenstein vampire Looker.and shapeshifter Clayface for attack on cults. If Looker bites human, her hypnotic glare will cause victim to tell truth.

Nightshade for Teleportation transportation and attack using solid shadow forms.

Would be a great 12 issue maxi series or just Fan Fiction


this is a cool idea!



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More on early.issues

We find out how the rest of the team comes together.

Madame Xanadu recruits her allies from New 52 Justice League Dark
Deadman and Black.Orchid

Dr Victoria October recruits her patients Frankenstein Vampire Looker from.Batman and the Outsiders and Clayface from Tynion’s run on Detective Comics. Later we will.see them train together. Frankenstein easily defeats the other two.

Issue One is setup of all members but Jim Corrigan/ Spectre and Nightshade.

That issue ends with Jason.Blood / Etrigan the Demon.and Madame Xanadu at Jim Corrigan’s grave.

Madame Xanadu performs a rite to conjure up Corrigan’s spirit.

The story uses canon from the last issue of The Spectre. Corrigan goes to Heaven and reunitrs with his love Amy.

So Corrigan is angry. Xanadu and Blood explains the situation - the destruction.of all of life if the Great Old Ones come back.

Jim sighs. “Doesn’t it always.”

He explains that if he is reunited with The Spectre he want to change the relationship. He wants to be the Spirit of Justice not Vengence. But he doubts Spectre will change.

Blood explains both personalities are needed. mainly now needed as detective. But also needed to obtain final member Nightshade.

Corrigan agrees and The Spectre walks the Earth again.

Spectre teleports all to the dimension.of Nightshade. All is in ruins. Only Nightshade survived. A minor Outer God had been resuurected by a cult there and was still there.

The rest of the issue hase thr four against the Outer God. They succeed. They bring some body parts for Dr October to examine and build defenses against.

Nightshade goes with them to back to Earth wanting tevenge.

The next issue will be Corrigan hunting down leads. Deadman and Black Orchid infiltrating the group Corrigan has identified as a cult and a final attack with Frankenstein Looker Clayface and Nightshade as attackers after Nightshade teleports them there.

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When reseatching Lovecraft

I found a story about he animated version of Teen Titans in the world of Lovecraft. Read


This is a very dark tale. Every Titan is changed by their encounter with this ancient evil, and not in a good way.

Some don’t come back at all.

The reaction of Raven.and Starlite on seeing a famous book in Lovecraft"s works and hearing the name of Cthulu shows the stakes earky on

Raven talking to Robin

MY FATHER?" Raven’s head came up suddenly. She started laughing hysterically. “MY FATHER? He’s nothing, NOTHING! Compared to that book. I’ll gladly see him again. I’ll send him a father’s day card. I’ll buy him a tie for Christmas. Maybe he’ll visit. We can all have eggnog and sing carols.”


Cthulhu?" asked Starfire, eyes wide.

“Yes,” Dr. Phillips said with a smile, “I believe Carter pronounced it like that.”

Starfire let out a gasp of fright and ran for the communications board, stammering in Tameranean all the while

“I need to contact the Grand Council, then the Gordanians, the Thanagarians, the Rannians, the Citadel. Probably should contact the Spider Guild. Definitely the Guardians. We’ll get two or three lanterns on permanent detail watching the region. I’ll let the Gordanians contact the Psions. OH, I definitely need to speak with New Genesis, probably with Apokolypse as well. They have to be notified. We’ll set up evacuation procedures for the planet. Let’s see, where’s the nearest habitable planet? Never mind. I’ll let the council come up with something. Hmmm, I expect a five light year buffer will suffice, that’s what we have for Aldebaran. Robin, is there any central government body on Earth we can work with to set up the evacuation? Or should I just work through the Justice League?”

Soon the five visit all the classic locations of Lovecraft

The polar region
Finally the risen island where Cthulu is awakening.

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Like in the above post

The last issue will be a fire fight in the risen island where Cthulu is awakening.

It is a clicking clock situation.where they must stop the doors from opening as Cthulu starts to wake.

Madame Xanadu will know that the island is rising.

Nightshade can teleport. all ten to the island.

There is a massive resistance force against them, thousands of Deep Ones.

There is quick agreement that Xanadu October (with a BFG ) Corrigan Blood and Deadman get to the temple where Cthulu resides and terminate him with extreme prejudice while the other five
try to hold back the Deep.Ones. October tells tells other four to put on. the special glasses she created to see when Nightshade put the nearby neighborhood in darkness.

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A DC Cthulu story.Brave and Bold 32

The issue is in our linrary


In this issue Aquaman teams up with Etragan.the Demon.against a Cthulu like character.

Describef on.


Arthur Curry has paired up with a bunch of superheroes over his 75+ years in comics, but one of the most surprising tag-team has to be his tag-team with the rhyming demon Etrigan. This isn’t just a one-off thing, either. As told in the Brave and the Bold, Aquaman and Etrigan meet up once a year – the fish man and the hello-I’m-a-literal-demon-from-hell-how-are-you – to fight against an otherwordly monster attempting to break into Earth from the depths of the sea in order to destroy all that there is.

Despite this being a story straight out of Lovecraft, Aquaman doesn’t seem to be stressed out too much about it. Since he apparently does this all the time, fighting aquatic Cthulhus is more or less the same as taking his car in to get a checkup or renewing his Entertainment Weekly subscription. He does this once every year and it doesn’t even seem to stress him that much. It’s the same for him as taking his car in to get a checkup or renewing his Entertainment Weekly subscription. Okay, it’s a little more serious than that, but you get the idea.

This isn’t even close to his experience with Cthulhu-esque creatures either. Besides the fact that he guards a literal gate to Hell alongside a firebreathing demon, more recently he’s been dealing with unspeakable monsters that have been flooding in from a dark corner of the Earth only known as The Trench. Then there was time Aquaman himself made a bargain with Sea Gods to protect his people, and proceeded to be warped into a Cthulhu monster himself, only to mentor and later be murdered by his successor. Comic books are a lot.

Wait… he killed a man in cold blood, planned to destroy the surface world with floods, became Cthulhu and once commanded zombie sharks? Is… is Aquaman cool?

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If I was a good writer I would explore why the cultist are hell bent on having the Grrat Old Ones come back since it will result in the end of civilization and the extermination of the human race.

There is a series of books that deal with that. The main character is one of the Deep Ones a survivor of the events decribed in Shadows of Innsmouth.

It begins with the short work The Litany of Earth, using the world of Lovecraft. The short novella is free at

A quote

"Some people think that ‘power’ is a good answer, and it isn’t. The power that can be found in magic is less than what you get from a gun, or a badge, or a bomb.” I pause. “I’m trying to remember all the things I need to tell you, now, at the beginning. What magic is for is understanding. Knowledge. And it won’t work until you know how little that gets you.

Sharhlyda —Aeonism—is a bit like a religion. But this isn’t the Bible—most of the things I’m going to tell you are things we have records of: histories older than man, and sometimes the testimony of those who lived them. The gods you can take or leave, but the history is real.

“All of man’s other religions place him at the center of creation. But man is nothing—a fraction of the life that will walk the Earth. Earth is nothing—a tiny world that will die with its sun. The sun is one of trillions where life flowers, and wants to live, and dies. And between the suns is an endless vast darkness that dwarfs them, through which life can travel only by giving up that wanting, by losing itself. Even that darkness will eventually die. In such a universe, knowledge is the stub of a candle at dusk.”

“You make it all sound so cheerful.”

“It’s honest. What our religion tells us, the part that is a religion, is that the gods created life to try and make meaning. It’s ultimately hopeless, and even gods die, but the effort is real. Will always have been real, even when everything is over and no one remembers.”

One of my favorite lines in literature

“The effort is real.”

Helps to keep.people like me to keep trying, however the certainty of failure to communicate with.other human beings.

A non review of this work, by a college professor I wish I had , is found at


If you want to know about The works of Lovecraft:


Start with reading the Intro article.

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Back to our story

Xanadu October Blood Corrigan and Deadman race toward the temple wherein lies Cthulu. Corrigan and Blood take turns helping October who is not as fast because slightly disabled (needs cane.) and has a heavy BFG over her right shoulder.

They are besieged by hundreds of Deep Ones. Corrigan turns into.the Spectre turning them into silly putty. Then Spectre goes back to drstroy the remaining Deep Ones who are attacking Frankenstein Black Orchid Looker Clayface and Nightshade

The ten have lost their most powerful member at least for a while

Meanwhile Deadman passes through.the door of the temple. It is hard for him to stay sane but he possesses the body of the High Cultist who is removing the hearts of hundreds of human victims one by one.

He forces the Priest to fall on his own knife.

But it is too lste.

The next issues is the last of the mini series and is called

The Spectre versus Cthulu.

Or Dr Victoria October uses the BFG she has developed. (Chekhov Gun thesis - that if a gun is displayed on the mantel piece it must be used in the story)

I like the idea of a disabled trans person.saving the day but it will really be a team.effort as the ten gather togethet to try to take out Cthulu before he reaches a fraction of his true powers.

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Some TV Tropes links

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Doctor Fate can handle the Great old one solo.

Very Cool man! I have always like The Spectre but have never read any of his solo stuff. been meaning to fix that. I will deffinitly be going back and checking out the Aquaman and Etrigan story thanks for all the links and background info. :+1: :vulcan_salute:

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