The Adventures of Marshmallow Pete thread

I’m going to use this for any MP stories that come to mind. They could be lengthy tales or something like:

Pete was out buying groceries when he saw some weiner kids being weiners to perfectly nice kids. He rolled down the driver’s side window of his car and said “Hey kids!” The weiners turned around and each got a blast of marshmallow in the face. The nice kids laughed at the weiners and kicked them in their weiner shins before taking off. Pete rolled up the window with a smile and said “Ah yeah!” ala Uncle Buck.

I want to preserve his goofy adventures all in one place. Kind of like an evolving omnibus.


Great idea!

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Pete had the day off from work and was hanging out at home. He was listening to the Bloodhound Gang song “The Bad Touch” when he decided to go to the Metropolis Zoo. He pat Diamond, his cat and bounced off to the zoo.

It was a weekday so the zoo was nice and quiet. He was walking around munching on some popcorn while looking at the animals. He saw a monkey monkeying around with another monkey and a feeder feeding the penguins. He thought “Why can’t The Penguin be cute like they are? He’s a jerk.”

Pete then came to the Lion Exhibit. He loved cats and was always interested to see wild cats up close (he also saw the WildC.A.T.S up close once, but that’s a different story). He was about to leave when he saw a handler and a woman in plain clothes arguing down the way from him. It was none of his business, but as he started to walk away, he couldn’t avoid what he was hearing. The handler was telling the woman that Maxie Zeus from Gotham City wanted a lion and would pay top dollar for the Metropolis Zoo’s specimen. The woman was an associate of Maxie’s and balked at the price the handler offered. She said “Mister Zeus is a wealthy man but he’s not stupid. He can get a better deal on a lion of that quality elsewhere. I bid good morrow to you sir.” She walked away.

Pete was shocked! Zoo animal handlers should know better. Animals are to be enjoyed and treated with respect. “The fluff just hit the fan!” he thought. “That lion is staying here and those two, we’ll they’re about to get mushed up!”

The weaselly handler came running up the tightly wound associate of Mr. Zeus. “Alright lady, you got a deal! I’ll get him loaded up tonight and you can give him to your boss tomorrow.” She eeked out what passed for a smile and said “Very good. Mister Zeus will be happy to” she stopped and looked up towards a nearby group of trees that were behind the handler. With her jaw agape she said “What is THAT?!”

Up in the trees was Marshmallow Pete! He had been watching them and listening to their devious plan. The time for action was now. He jumped down and said “Hi jerkity jerk jerks! That lion isn’t going anywhere! You two however, are going up the river.” The zoo handler pulled out his pruning shears while the woman pulled out a comically oversized bazooka. Pete and the handler looked at her in surprise. She shrugged and said “What? I like to wear a roomy blazer. It gives me room for stuff like this.”

While she loaded her weapon, the handler charged at Pete who stood his ground and chuckled. “Pruning shears? Okay, this is over now. You get a marshmallow!” and instantly a head sized blob flew into the handler and knocked him against the bars of the lion exhibit. He was out cold. Pete turned to Bazooka Lady and said “Drop it. The zoo’s no place for absurdly oversized weaponry.” She chuckled a skitch and said “Riiight.” Before the missile could fly forth from her weapon, Pete did a 360° turn and said “Bazinga! You get a marshmallow!” Bazooka Lady and her weapon were encased in marshmallow.

Pete smashed the bazooka (which he thought had an Acme logo on it but he was too busy to look for certain) into teeny, tiny pieces that could never be re-assembled and whipped 'em into the zoo’s dumpster then called Metropolis PD. He rolled back to the baddies that were affixed to the Lion Exhibit. “The cops should be here any moment you ding-dongs you. Maybe this will teach you to respect animals.” He gave each of the baddies a salute of a certain type, and a wink to the head lion who winked back and said “Thanks for the help sir.” Pete was surprised the lion could talk. “I’m surprised the lion could talk.” he said to himself as he bounced back home.

When Pete got home, he kicked his feet up on a footrest and took a snooze, with his cat Diamond laying next to him on the couch.

The end =)


Lolzzz @ " I like a roomy blazer "
Love it!




Bravo Pete deserves this thread! :smiley:


Thanks guys and gals =)

I’m open to requests too if something comes to mind that you think would be fun. Proper credit shall be attributed to the originator(s) of said request(s).


HA! That was fun. Here are my favorite parts:

  1. “Why can’t the Penguin be cute like they are?” - haha! I know right?!?!

  2. The marshmallow pun - “…they’re about to get mushed up!”

  3. Pete and the handler’s reaction to the oversized bazooka, and the lady’s comment following their reaction.

  4. The talking lion. - I recently read Vixen: Return of the Lion, so I immediately thought it was the lion from that story.


“Time for cheese”

Pete Marsh was in the midst of his morning routine. He’d just fed his cat Diamond and was now sitting at his breakfast nook, reading the newspaper on his Qpad tablet, with a can of Soder nearby. He took a drink from the can while looking at the tablet. “Oh Garfield, you jokester. Odie did see you but John didn’t. That’s funny. You enjoy your lasagna buddy!” He swiped over to the Kickin’ Back section. “What’s cooking in Metropolis this weekend?” he said as he read various notices about events, festivals, etc. Then something caught his eye. “Glory be! This weekend is the Metropolis Cheese Fest?! Yes please, I’d like some cheese!” Quickly, he put his tablet away, threw away the empty Soder can, pat Diamond and was on his way out the door. “Oh geez, I’m excited for cheese!” said Pete as he stepped outside. He blew into his left thumb, turned into Marshmallow Pete and was on his bouncy way to the Metropolis Cheese Fest!

A half hour later, Pete bounced his way into the parking lot of the Cheese Fest. He was behind a line of cars waiting to get into the event. While the cars idled, Pete gently bounced in place. His thoughts were awash in cheese. “Brie? Whee! Mozzarella? You bet! Gouda and Swiss? Yes, miss!” The line of cars moved forward and Pete was at the entry. The attendant said “Hello…sir?” as she looked at Pete, not sure what to make of the bouncing marshmallow ball in front of her. Pete smiled and said “Hi! One please…for cheese. Heh, heh.” The attendant cocked an eyebrow at him. She said “Okay, fun’s over. Where’s the camera?” Pete said “This isn’t a TV show. I’d like to go to the Cheese Fest please.” The attendant said “Okay. This is Metropolis, the home of Superman. Seeing a smiling ball of marshmallow asking to get into the annual cheese festival really isn’t out of the ordinary…I guess. One adult is five dollars please.” Pete grinned and said “I’ll take it!” He handed his Wayne Financial credit card to the woman who rang him up and after putting the card back in his wallet, he entered the Cheese Fest. He felt like Kermit the Frog in the opening of The Muppet Show and waved his mushy arms to and fro upon entering while saying “Yay!” to himself. Then as Pete reverted to his regular, non-mushy self, he calmed down and took a deep breath. “Time to get serious. It’s a cheese festival afterall.”

Elsewhere, oddball machinations were in play. Near the festival was a van marked “Nothing Out of the Ordinary Enterprises LLC.” In a much smaller font beneath that logo read “If you can read this, buzz off!” Inside the van sat Geneveve Schmiddlepop and her henchwoman, Hench. “Geneveve, why are we at this cheese festival?” asked Hench, who was bored as a gord. Geneveve was watching the festivities on a CCTV. “Because Hench. I was once the Marketing Representative for Cheese Ahoy and things flowed as smoothly as fresh milk into a dairy factory. Then, they fired me because I…” Hench cut her off. “Uh, huh. Real fascinating. Worthy of Tolstoy. So what’s our aim here? Are we ripping the place off? Doing something to the cheese, what?” Geneveve swung about in her chair…well, she tried to. It broke off its base and she fell on the floor. So much for a Blofeld-style chair turn. Dusting herself off as she stood up, Geneveve said “The world loves cheese Hench. I will subtly begin to gain world domination by lacing the cheeses here with a mind control agent. Today, I will gain control of the attendees of the 53rd and a half Annual Metropolis Cheese Fest. Tomorrow, the” Geneveve stopped, for she noticed Hench was leaving the van. She said “Where are you going Hench? I was in the middle of” Hench interrupted her and said “That’s great. Worthy of Nolan. I’m going to Big Belly Burger. I’ll be back in twenty minutes.” Geneveve was at a loss for words. Since she now had time to kill, she pulled out a roll of duct tape and begin fixing her broken chair while humming the theme to The Rockford Files.

Pete was happy. He was enjoying the festival and had sampled many varieties of cheeses in the hour and change he had been there. He lost track of how many times he had said “Mmmmm, so good!” to the attendants at the various Cheese Sampling Stations. A few of them gave Pete a high five in return. He was carrying a plastic bottle of chocolate milk with him and took a drink from it. “Boy, this is great.” said Pete. “Cheese and other dairy products as far as the eye can see, friendly people, good tunes, nice weather. Yeah, this is swell!” Then something peculiar caught his eye. Over at a nearby cheese mixing vat were two women. One was standing, doing nothing and looking bored while taking a drink from a Big Belly Burger cup. The other woman was pulling a small bottle out of her coat with her left hand. With her right hand, she pulled out a plastic Snidely Whiplash style moustache, held it to her upper lip and uttered a “Neh ha ha!” laugh while elbowing the other woman playfully, hoping to gain her interest. It didn’t work, as the other woman rolled her eyes, threw her cup in a nearby trashcan and walked away. The other woman shrugged and went to open her bottle.

Pete said “What the mush? You don’t come here and mess up the 53rd and a half Annual Metropolis Cheese Fest lady! It’s time! Let’s get mushy!” The Petester blew into his left thumb and turned into Marshmallow Pete! He bounced over to the woman just as she opened her bottle. “Hey lady! No messing with the cheese please!” The woman was surprised. “Buzz off Michelin Man! I am Geneveve Schmiddlepop, former Marketing Representative for Cheese Ahoy! Fired for…” Pete plopped in and said “Stow it ya idgit! Drop that bottle now!” Geneveve pulled her arm back and said “Woe be to you my puffed up foe! I give you…Hench!” Nothing happened and the moment turned quietly awkward. Pete stared at Geneveve and vice versa. Geneveve turned towards her van and loudly said “Hench…would you help me, please?!” Hench belted out “No! Richard Bay is on!” Putting her hand to her furrowed brow, Geneveve said to Pete “Heh, well you know what they say about finding good help.” She threw the bottle at Pete and darted away. Pete absorbed the bottle into his mushy chest, morphed into his ball form, and gave chase!

Huffing and puffing as she ran, Geneveve looked behind to see Pete was still bouncing after her. “What is he? A failed Star Labs project? Something from Betty Crocker’s Advanced Prototype Division , what?!” A blob of marshmallow wrapped around Geneveve’s legs ala a bola and she fell to the ground. Pete plopped down in front of her. Geneveve looked up at Pete and yelled “Hench! Now would be a good time!” Hench yelled back “Shut up! The Hogan Family is on now! You know I love the comedic stylings of Sandy Duncan and Jason Bateman!” Pete shook his head side to side as Geneveve rolled her eyes and said “Oh the hell with it. Just arrest me.”

Pete handcuffed Geneveve and Hench with marshmallow handcuffs. He said “Ladies please, don’t ever again mess with the cheese.” He bounced away as the Metropolis PD came onto the scene.

Back home, Pete was marfing down his purchases from the 53rd and a half Annual Metropolis Cheese Fest. Diamond was laying next to him, purring. Pete looked at his feline friend. “Sorry bud, I’d offer you some but it’s said that cheese gives cats the Squirshy Hurts. I’d rather you don’t have to deal with that pal. Man, this cheese is so good!”

The end =)


I can not get enough of your Acme Hour-esque tone! I love it so much! It’s absolutely amazing how well you are able to capture the cartoonish tone via text!
… It also kinda sorta reminds me of Phineas and Ferb. LOL



  1. ““Oh Garfield, you jokester. Odie did see you but John didn’t. That’s funny. You enjoy your lasagna buddy!””
  2. “…a van marked “Nothing Out of the Ordinary Enterprises LLC.” In a much smaller font beneath that logo read “If you can read this, buzz off!””
  3. ““Uh, huh. Real fascinating. Worthy of Tolstoy…”"
  4. “she pulled out a plastic Snidely Whiplash style moustache, held it to her upper lip and uttered a “Neh ha ha!” laugh”

Also, lol @ “idgit” & I LOVE Jason Bateman.


Thanks KK. I’m glad the imagery can be conveyed by readers exactly as I envision it. Spread the word about Pete if you like. Tell Dan DiDio if you get the chance =)


Cap’n Frosted Flakes…

That’s a teaser for my next dealy.

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“The other side of the coin”

Franklin Flake was making his rounds as Production Supervisor F at the Ocsiban Foods Cereal Production Plant, which was on the outskirts of Metropolis. As he checked off his To Do list on his Qpad, he thought “I remember in Full House they ate Oat Boats. Maybe if I can get my business, A Touch of Love and a Whole Lot of Flavor Cereals, off the ground, I could make Oat Boats a reality. I don’t think Oat Boats were real. I’m not a cereal historian so I have no idea. I wonder…” His wonder was short lived as there was a loud WHAM at the other end of the factory. He ran to see what was going on.

It was the villain Mammoth! He was in a rage and destroying things left and right. Debris of varying types fell into mixing vats, conveyor lines and elsewhere. “Where is it?!” he bellowed. A nearby employee, cowering in terror behind a conveyor line said “Ww…what? What do you want?” Mammoth took a deep breath and looked down at the worker. “I want…OOF!” Mammoth fell to the floor abruptly. He turned and looked up to see Superman hovering above him. “Stand down Mammoth. NOW.” The oversized villain stood up and chuckled. “Heh, no chance.” He leapt at Superman who quickly dodged him and then grabbed Mammoth’s right arm and threw him into the concrete floor with supreme force. Superman landed on the ground and said “Let’s you and I pay a visit to Star Labs bucko. We’ll get things straightened out there.” Mammoth was groggy and said nothing. Superman grabbed some pipes and other miscellanea from the debris of the destroyed wall and equipment and fashioned it into a temporary restraint for Mammoth. Once he was sure it was secure, Superman looked to the nearby workers and said “Is everyone okay? Does anyone need any medical attention?” Everyone nodded and said they were fine. Superman smiled and said “That’s good. Im sorry this had to spill over to your factory. Once I take care of this guy” he said as he pointed at Mammoth, “I’ll come back and help in the repair of your building. Take care now”. He grabbed Mammoth and flew out of the factory. The workers were consoling each other and taking in the damage caused by Mammoth’s attack. In the chaos of the situation no one took notice of where Franklin Flake was.

The next day, Pete Marsh was out and about. It was the Christmas season, the best time of year! He was sipping a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha drink while driving down the freeway. As he drove he thought “I like bouncing down the freeway in my marshmallow guise but sometimes the assorted brick-a-brac on the road pops into areas where I’m not so fluffy. Better to take the ol’ four wheel girl out today and get her some fresh air. Here’s my exit.” Pete exited the freeway and towards his destination.

He pulled up to the Stuff for Your Cat store and walked inside. His cat Diamond was first on his Christmas shopping list. He was aware that animals have no concept of holidays but he always liked to get some fun things for Diamond in any event. “He’s been a gift to me in so many ways, I feel it’s only right to reciprocate that joy back to him.” he thought as he milled about the store. Pete picked up an item here and there along with a few cans of Schreck’s brand Kitty Kat’s Favorite cat food. Pete thought “Schreck’s. Now theres a company that made a comeback. I wonder what happened to their founder? I guess he retired.” He turned to look at another item but bumped into a nearby woman that was behind him. “Oh, I’m sorry.” said Pete. The woman turned around and said “That’s okay.” Pete was stunned. It was Simone Edmison! How long had it been since he’d seen her? Surely, not since college (and don’t call him Shirley :wink: ) he thought. “Simone, hi! It’s Pete. Pete Marsh. We went to Met U.” Simone thought for a moment, then her face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Oh yeah! I thought you looked familiar. Gosh Pete, it’s been so long. How are you?” Pete said “Fine, fine. Just kickin’ around. Work is going well. In fact, I just started a second gig where I’m” Simone interrupted and looked at her phone as it vibrated in her purse. She frowned and said “I’m sorry Pete, I hate to be rude. I just got a text about the Ocsiban Foods plant outside of the city. I’m a reporter for the Daily Star and my editor asked me to keep an eye on what happened there last night.” Pete said “Yeah, I saw that story on Channel 52 News this morning. Scary, but thankfully everyone was okay.” Simone smiled and said “Maybe we can get together and catch up? How about I text you later?” Pete was excited. “Yeah, hey sure. That works. Here’s my number.” Simeone entered the number in her phone and said “Okay thanks! I’ll see you later.” She checked out and left the store.

Pete finished shopping and got in his car. He put his bag on the floor and snapped his seat belt together. “Diamond’ll love these toys and other goodies.” he said. Then he sat back in his seat and started to think about Simone. They met at Metropolis University years ago. Pete had his major while Simone was majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. “She got into her desired career field. That’s great, I’m really happy for her.” thought Pete. Just then, he heard a news report flash across the radio. “Flash! This just in, there is what looks to be a hostage situation at Ocsiban Foods, on the outskirts of the city. Police are en route. Superman is said to be off planet with the Justice League Task Force. We’ll keep you up to date as more information comes in.” Pete said “That’s where Simone was going!” He started his car and headed to the outskirts of the city.

Traffic was the pits. Pete had been stuck in it for what felt like hours. “Come on, I need to get there. Maybe my poofy alter-ego can help!” He looked at the traffic and said “Beans to this!” Pete exited the freeway and drove to an out of the way drainage tunnel. He parked inside it and got out of the car. “Sorry girl, work’s calling. I’ll be be back when I can.” He said “Let’s get mushy!”, blew into his left thumb and… FLOOP turned into Marshmallow Pete! “Alright, let’s go do some stuff!” he said. He stopped in his tracks. “My car…oh, I got it!” He turned back to his car and said “I saw this in a movie once.” He aimed his left arm at his car and said “Shields.” then began spraying marshmallow over the car. It hardened instantly. Pete smiled and with his hands on his waist said “There we go! You’re all protected now.” He patted the car hood, turned and bounced out of the tunnel, heading to Ocsiban Foods.

Bouncing up and down, Pete thought “Boy this is fun! I can see the city in a way only few can. What a view!” He bounced down then back up, this time very high into the air. “Oh wow, look at the birdies below me! Hey, there’s an airplane and it’s coming right towards me, how 'bout that?” Then Pete said “Oh sh” but it was too late. Pete hit the front of the Ferris Air airliner and splattered into goo.

Meanwhile at Ocsiban Foods, Simone Edmison was walking around the area Mammoth had damaged the night before. There were a couple security guards keeping an eye on things while police officers and Ocsiban executives examined the area. She was making a note when a man in a white coat came up to her. “Miss, can I help you?” Simone said “No, I’m fine. Thank you though…” She trailed off as she noticed the man had two frosted corn flakes on his forehead. “Sir” said Simone “You have some cereal on your forehead.” The man felt his forehead and said “Yeah, heh. How about that. Sorry.” Simone smiled and said “That’s okay.” and resumed her note taking. The man walked away saying under his breath “This city will have cereal on it’s forehead soon enough!”

Pete was in a daze. “Oh man…what was THAT?!” he wondered aloud. Realizing he was back on the ground, he stood up and shook himself loose. He scratched his head while thinking out loud. “First I was in the air, admiring the flock of geese below me, then…OH YEAH! That Ferris Air airplane flew into me and I went BLAMMO. But what I’ll remember the most is the laughter.” He looked around. “Gadzooks, I’m at the Ocsiban plant. I guess when I went to pieces, they all landed down on the ground, and then gradually reconstituted into my normal self. That’s cool. Surprised they didn’t evaporate as high up as I was or go elsewhere but that’s neither here nor there.” He morphed into his ball state and rolled towards the facility.

Simone had finished her notes and interviews and was escorted to her car by a security guard. The Ocsiban executives, other police officers and the other security guard had left for the day. Simone got in her car and thanked the guard, who reciprocated with a tip of his hat and a smile. “Take care ma’am.” he said. Simone had driven for a few miles down the desolate road that led to the Ocsiban factory when suddenly there was a loud SLAM on the roof of her car. She got out and was in shock. Before her on the roof of her car stood a man who appeared to be covered in several layers of frosted corn flakes. “Hello miss. May I help you?” Simone was stunned and said “Get off my car!” The man said “Okay.” and hopped down to the ground. Simone stood in silence while the frosted fellah said “Would you like some frosted flakes my dear?” Simone said “Uh…no. I just want you to get the hell out of here and leave me alone!” The flakey fellow said “Mmmm, I can’t do that. You see I am now a super villain and must make you my hostage. For I am…CAP’N… FROSTED…FLAKES!!!”

Pete rolled up to the Ocsiban site. “Hey, there’s no hostage situation. What was all that jazz on the radio about?” Just then a spotlight shone on Pete. He morphed into his humanoid state and looked around. A voice emanated from a nearby loudspeaker. “Hello, Marshmallow Pete! I have seen your exploits and needed a way to lure you here, hence the phony hostage situation I placed on the radio. I’m something of an amatuer radio enthusiast and I am also…Cap’n Frosted Flakes!.” Pete didn’t know whether to laugh or laugh really hard. “Captain Frosted Flakes huh? Well look shortstack, I” Flakes cut him off. “No you ninny! It’s Cap’n NOT Captain.” Pete chuckled and said “This is a joke, right?” Flakes said “A man made of marshmallow shouldn’t begrudge me at what I choose my super villain name to be.” Pete said “Oh you’re a super villain huh? Well, this is Metropolis pal and Superman will take care of you. Well, he would…except he’s off planet with the Justice League Task Force right now.” There was a moment of silence, then Flakes’ voice came back on the speaker. “Do you think Martian Manhunter is with them?” Pete said “You know, I don’t know. He tends to lead that particular Justice League team so…maybe he is.” Another silent moment then Flakes spoke “Nevertheless my mushy malcontent, I request an audience with you inside the main building.” Pete said “Now just a minute you flake! I’m not a malcontent, you are! What’s this all about?” A different voice came from the speaker, it was Simone! “Pete, this weiner has me tied up inside! Help! Congrats on being a superhero by the by.” Pete morphed into his ball form and bounced inside the building.

He entered the Visitor’s Entrance but didn’t see where to go. Flakes’ voice came back on the loudspeakers. “Turn left, then right.” Pete said “Thanks Cap’n Crunch!” Flakes came back on and said “It’s Cap’n FROSTED FLAKES you big ball of fluffy…fluff!” Pete followed Flakes’ directions and entered the facility. He walked into the main production facility and saw Simone tied up on a chair. Behind her was Cap’n Frosted Flakes. “Well, Marshmallow Pete. We meet at last. You know, we’re not that different, you and I. You had an accident that evolved your body into a transformable state where you can go between being human and a big ol’ marshmallowy guy. I too have gone through a similar incident. When the creature known as Mammoth assaulted this facility last night, it was chaos. Workers ran for cover and safety while I tripped on my untied shoelace and fell into a mixing vat of Ocsiban Frosted Flakes, available at a store near you.” Pete rolled his eyes while Flakes continued. “Upon seeing what I had become I knew that my powers must be used in a most odious way.” Pete said “Why odious? Why don’t you use your “abilities” and help humanity?” Flakes said “Like you? How exactly do you think being a big ball of puff helps the world?” Pete said “Well, I read to kids at libraries and put on shows at schools. I rent myself out for parties and donate what I make from said parties to charities. I’ve done some “The More You Know” Public Safety Announcements for NBC and…I help out with marshmallow stress tests at various food based businesses. It’s a start.” Flakes was befuddled and said “Can’t those businesses just do tests on their own?” Pete said “Probably. I always like to lend a helping hand though.” Flakes nodded and arched both eyebrows while saying “I read the notes about you in Miss Edmison’s notebook. You appear to be a subject of great interest to this woman.”

Simone spoke to Pete. “My editor asked me to do a story about Marshmallow Pete. I’ve been gathering notes about you the last few weeks, via television news reports, the internet and in person interviews. Since you don’t seem to mind people knowing who you are, it was pretty easy. I had planned on looking you up soon but then we ran into each other at Stuff For Your Cat and…well, here we are.” Flakes interrupted. “That’s enough my dear. Know now Marshmallow Pete that I have a weapon which will imperil Metropolis greater than any previously seen. I give you…my Flake Fighters!”

From out behind the mixing vats and conveyor belts they came. Humanoid beings made entirely out of Ocsiban Frosted Flakes (available at a store near you) from head to toe. Flakes smiled. “Beautiful aren’t they? Just as you generate marshmallow, so too do I generate frosted flakes. They shall be my army to rule the world with!” Pete was laughing. “Oh buddy, did you bark up the wrong tree! The way I see it, you’re ruling two things: Jack and s**t, and jack left town. Secondly, I don’t think anyone will quake in their Nikes, Reeboks, Keds, Adidas, DC (hey, there’s a good name for a company), or Van’s shoes over those wieners. Third…and I can’t possibly stress this enough…MARSHMALLOOOOOW!” How the goo flew! Marshmallow blobs landed on Flakes’ “troops” and incapacitated them. Flakes shouted “No, it cannot be! I’ll crush you Marshmallow Pete!” Flakes pointed his arms at Pete and how the frosted flakes flew! Pete morphed into his ball state and ricocheted off the nearby huge mixing vats and containers. Simone yelled “Go, Pete, go!” Flakes turned to her and said “Shut up!” to which Simone said “Cram it Cookie Crunch!” Flakes was miffed! “Look, my name is” but Flakes never finished his thought. He saw a large shadow descend over him and looked up. Pete was roaring down on Cap’n Frosted Flakes from high above. Pete yelled “Lights out Basic 4!” and WHAMMO, Flakes was covered in marshmallow and down for the count.

Pete went to Simone and untied her. As she got up from the chair she saw Flakes was regaining consciousness. She said to Pete “Excuse me.”, picked up her chair and smackity SMACK! She broke the chair over Flakes’ head. Dazed, he said “Ooo look mumsy. All of the stars are circling my head. The stars are dancing with cute, wee frosted flakes.” and his head then plopped into a puddle of marshmallow fluff. Now he was really down for the count.

Pete said “He might need an Aspirin or fifty after that.” Simone smiled, looked back at the fallen flakemaster then back to Pete and said “Nah. Hey, thanks for rescuing me.” Pete said “Sure. It’s one of many things us heroes do.” Simone continued her thanks of appreciation and then went into detail about what she was going to write in her article about Pete. While she did that, Pete was caught in her radiant beauty and his college remembrances of her. He had had a huge crush on her then and those feelings were rushing back to him now. “Gosh, she’s pretty” thought Pete, then and now. Her red hair ran down to just above her waist and her voice…oh, how soothing it was. There was just a wee bit of an English accent to her voice. Simone could read the ingredients off of an industrial sized tub of lard and Pete would be in heaven all the same. In college, Pete and Simone were friends who shared many interests. As his feelings for her grew, Pete had never pursued things romantically with Simone, for she was with someone else. Pete was envious of her boyfriend, a sloppy, disheveled toad who didn’t appear to know just how lucky he was to be with a woman of Simone’s magnificent quality. “What does she see in him?” thought Pete whenever he saw Simone’s boyfriend, who was rumored by many around campus to be a philanderer. “To be with her must be a great adventure.” thought Pete when he saw Simone with her other whenever the three of them would hang out. Pete had felt that Simone could possibly have feelings for him too. On more than one occasion, she had said things and been physical with him in ways that surprised Pete. Hugs that lasted longer than they usually do between good friends, a friendly kiss on the cheek from Simone that frequently came out of nowhere at the end of a night out, her frequent ruminations on life with someone other than her current squeeze, confiding in Pete about things he thought she should be confiding in her boyfriend to, how she always seemed to be happier with him than her boyfriend, she would cuddle with him when they would watch TV at her place (“Calm down Pete, we’re just friends.” she would say when Pete would ask her why she was cuddling with him). The way she would say he was cute and funny and on occasion try to set him up with women that he could then go on a double date with her and her boyfriend with. Her preoccupation with his love life and when he would find a girlfriend. Perhaps there was something there after all, and perhaps…perhaps Fate was now stepping in and uniting these potential lovers. Perhaps from two hearts sharing in a common love would come one heart fueled by an equal passion. Perhaps their love would unite them in this life and the next and the power of their love would ignite the stars for millenia to come. Perhaps…

Simone finished the details of what her article would entail and said “So, does that sound good?” Pete said “Sure, it sounds great. So, how about a ride home?” Simone said “Sure. My car’s kind of far out in the parking lot though and when Mr. Kix and Trix over there landed on it, he damaged the roof. I should call triple-A.” Pete said “I meant that I would give you a ride home. After that triple-A call, how about something different?”

“Wow Pete, this is great!” said Simone as she rode on Pete while he bounced onward to her home. “I never thought riding atop a huge bouncing marshmallow would be something I would do or be this fun!” Pete smiled and said “It’s a hoot! Ever since my accident that turned me into the Mighty Marshmallow of justice, I have saved so much gas money by bouncing around to get around.” Simone laughed and said “Don’t people look at you when you’re bouncing around town?” Pete said “I don’t care. You have to be happy with who you are and I am.” They arrived at her home and Simone slid off Pete. He morphed into his normal, human appearance and walked Simone to her front door. Simone said “Well, that was quite a day. When I got up this morning, I didn’t think I would end the day with a former friend from college or see a battle between a living marshmallow and a man encrusted in frosted flakes.” Pete chuckled and said “Each day brings it’s own rewards. Remember when that cop went to handcuff Cap’n Frosted Flakes and ol’ C-F-F took off running?” Simone smiled and said “Yeah, and you fired a big blob of marshmallow at him and knocked him down. Good times.” They stared at one another momentarily then Pete spoke “Well, I better get home to my cat. Actually I need to get to my car first. I pulled over in a drain tunnel when the highway was clogged up so I could get to the Ocsiban factory quicker. My car’s covered in marshmallow.” Simone smiled again and said “You’re something else Pete Marsh. I’ll be in touch with you about the article and when it will be published. Good night Pete.” Pete smiled and said “Good night Simone.” She walked inside and shut the door behind her. He walked out to the sidewalk and upon turning into Marshmallow Pete once more, bounced his way on to where his car was and then made his way home.

The End =)

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oOo I just saw this - Can’t wait 'til I can read it!!

You’ve gotttta link up with an artist for MP!

What’d you think?

Nobody cares, but Pete’s finished.

Wait, what? What do you mean Pete’s finished?????????????

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The comedy was truly enough. But now it seems you’re bringing a touch of romance and dreams into it.

With how well you express your thoughts and relay ideas, I really can’t wait to see how things develop!

Pete can’t be finished!
Tell me it isn’t so!

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Well KK (this your chance to turn back as I may ramble, just sayin’)…I wasn’t sure if I should continue and I felt like maybe the whole thing was a waste of time. The way the recent tale concludes is enough of a conclusion in a way. I think I insinuated well enough that Pete and Simone would probably end up together, make one or two mini-marshmellows and call it a happy life.

There’s alot of myself in Pete’s personality (we’re very nearly identical in personality) and Simone is based off of a woman I used to know and felt for the way Pete does for Simone. It brought up some real life things that try as I might, I can’t keep in the past where they belong and should have been firmly locked away a little over a decade ago. The current story reminds me of something I’ve yet to find myself, so my tale of Pete and Simone is a mirror of myself and the woman I knew. The woman I knew wasnt named Simone though, that name is derived from one of the characters in the TV show Head of the Class (played by Khrystyne Haje, who is still beauty incarnate to this day). Edmison was a last name that came to me randomly.

Anyway…all of that blubbering, rambling, yammering aside, I might continue the story, we’ll see. It’s kind of cathartic to write out my feelings for someone I once knew, but in a fictional setting and with characters that mirror her and I. Do you think the hints of romance and possible inclusion of Fate added or detracted from the story? I never intended MP to contain anything pertaining to myself and don’t want the current story to be a jump the shark moment but as a writer, the narrative had to evolve to continue to be of interest to me to write it (and for whoever may read it too).