The Batman, the cartoon

Same here @superby1 . It’s been gnawing at the corners of my mind for longer than I care to admit :sweat_smile: :joy:


Definitely underrated. My favorite episode is S: 4, E: 7 “Artifacts”. I really enjoy the flashback sequences when it shows the transition of costume, body type, and personal tone to more of a TDKR approach but still keeps characters like Nightwing and Oracle involved so he’s not too jaded.


Yea The Batman is my favorite version of the Batman so far. It found a perfect cut to be lighthearted and Serious at the same time


Watched the Batman vs Dracula movie and didnt love it or hate it. Never seen the show but the things i dont like about the movie Was the relationship with Vale was a bit melodramatic


You know, it’s the damnedest thing, but I was just thinking about this today. The show definitely got a lot of things right: they had baby’s first “Killing Joke” with Clayface, Hugo Strange’s episodes were amazing, it’s my favorite interpretation of the Riddler, the Joker was unique, and they did a great job of pairing Batman with other heroes after they were done with the first couple of seasons.

It did have some issues, but really the only really big one was how they treated Mr. Freeze. I can get that Batman TAS made Mr. Freeze into the tragic villain we know and love today, but “The Batman” really screwed him over by just making him a jewel thief who had an accident.

Still, great show and an entirely agreeable opinion.


The Batman (the cartoon) is one of my favorites too, @Versias! I love that you created this topic and agree with all of the reasons mentioned. To add, I am obsessed with the Season 1 intro song. The other Seasons’ “Saturday morning cartoon” style is fun, but the moodiness and instrumental vibe of the first iteration is so unique and cool. The way they end it with that raspy “the baaaatmaaaan” always gets me too. Like the version of The Riddler with the greasy long hair, I adore what they have done with Hugo Strange (long and pointy hair). He looks exactly as you would want him to and the distrust in his voice and the way he introduces himself as “Yougo” Strange only adds to the persona. Mark Hamill’s Joker voice is legendary but Kevin Michael Richardson kills it! He really understands the animation and desperation in The Joker (and when to call on it as the story needs). The voice for Bruce is spot on, as well as his detective skills and partnership with an equally amazing Alfred. I only wish there were more seasons! Such a phenomenal show! :batman_hv_1:


I have to disagree on this. Freeze so similar to Batman. Something that was basically an accident (not planned), changes him. He is the truly dark reflection of the path Bruce took. I think The Batman series Mr Freeze is the best representation of a mirror image of Bruce, not Batman and that is a take we seldom get.

That’s definitely something that I remember from the show. When Freeze first appeared, his origin definitely resonated more closely with Bruce’s trauma than how it was done in BTAS. Especially with Freeze showing up in “Artifacts”, one could even argue that he was painted as more of an arch rival to Batman than Joker.

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The Batman’s definitely vastly underrated. They knew that comparisons to BTAS were inevitable, so, whenever possible, they did things differently.
I liked that we got to see Babs and Dick with a least part of their original age difference restored, and without DICK&BABS4EVA crammed down my throat. I also like that Batgirl debuted first in the Batman. It made sense for her to get Batman to see that his crusade can be shared by others, facilitating him taking on Robin as a protege (Batgirl’s more of a freelancer). I also really liked their take on Maxie Zeus.

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I keep forgetting to watch that episode! Is Maxie portrayed very differently here than in BTAS? Cause I love “Fire from Olympus”

Yes, very differently. To be fair, BTAS portrayed him as he was presented in the comics, mostly; as a man who thought he was Zeus. In The Batman, Maxie is much more lucid, and much more formidable. He kind of seemed like a Bond villain more than anything else. The makers of The Batman had a habit of redesigning villains, and nowhere was that more apparent than in this episode.
His episode was also when Batman was finally impressed with Batgirl enough to accept her joining his crusade. Prior to this, he’d kept her secret identity, since it wasn’t his to reveal, but hadn’t done much to encourage her to continue fighting crime. It was presented as kind of a watershed moment for Batman, when he accepted that someone else could join his mission, and paved the way for the introduction of Robin in season four.


It’s good, but not the best. Too many characters were watered down. Mr. Freeze specifically was lame and had no depth. And the fifth season doing the brave and the bold also fell flat. But it did have my favorite batgirl and I would love to see her show up before robin again in another iteration.

The Batman Mr Freeze had FAR more depth than BTAS. BTAS Mr Freeze was immensely 2 dimensional. “I just wanted to save my wife. Pity me, pity me, pity me.” He’s completely vapid.

He was literally just a thief that got superpowers in the batman.

That’s one point of view, I suppose.

One thing I preferred about The Batman vs BTAS was it was more layered, intricate in its characters. BTAS was much more straightforward, more sterile.

To each their own.