The CW does not renew exclusive streaming deal with Netflix

So what does this mean?

For the DC shows, anything that was produced prior to 2018-19 season will still stay on Netflix like The Flash, Black Lightning and Arrow until they end.

However, new shows like the upcoming Batwoman will be shopped. Meaning it could go to Netflix if they are willing to buy it or it could go to Hulu , WB service or even here.

Basically anything new from here on out that airs on that network will no longer be exclusive to Netflix.

With the Crisis coming this fall, and the Arrowverse ratings down perhaps WB might cancel more than Arrow so they can move said shows to their new service. If so, they could replace older shows with new ones.

They really should put them on here. It’s some of the best comic book TV out there.

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The article I read said Batwoman was earmarked for the WarnerMedia service and the rest would go the highest bidder.