The DC Nation Doom Patrol shorts

I caught all of the DC Nation Shorts as they aired on the DC Nation programming block on Cartoon Network some years ago. The Doom Patrol shorts were amongst my favorites along with those of the Creature Commandis and the Metal Men.

Have you seen these? They and all of the DC Nation shorts are available on DCU.


Couldn’t get into Metal Men but Doom Patrol was great, as were a lot of the others, most notable I really enjoyed Vibe, Sword of the Atom, Tales of Metropolis, Batman: Strange Days, Deadman, and Plastic Man. World Funniest I have watched a couple times too, it is surprisingly soothing if not much to it and clearly more for kids.

@DanTheManOne, did you see the Creature Commandos shorts? There’s a running gag in them that’s funny but I don’t want to spoil it in case you’ve not seen them.

As for the other DC Nation shorts, I really enjoyed Sword of The Atom and Shade The Changing Man too. The Batman of Shanghai was tops too. They’re all good IMO.

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Shorts are great. Agree with u on Metal Men & Patrol. Similar in style. Doom Patrol finally coming. Fingers crossed for Metal Men someday, & plenty more.

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