The DC One Million Omnibus

Who has this tome and what are your thoughts on the contents within?

I have the One Million mini-series itself and the tie-ins from the core Superman titles. Amazon has the omnibus for a great deal right now, so I’m curious if anyone has this book, has read it in its entirety and what you thought of it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Dude, i got one at a half price bookstore here in middle ohio. The story and concepts are top notch, morrison swingin for the fences, but… some of the oneshots were just, ‘shrug’. For the price, a good get, but STORYWISE, taking as a whole, it was a WHOLE to much.

One of these days i wanna hunker down with his jla stuff or his batman work and just fall down the rabbit hole. Same with hickman’s marvel stories.

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I don’t have that. I just bought the Watchmen omnibus and the first Preacher omnibus. This is the way to collect comics now days.
This is not an omnibus but I wanted to mention it in case any of you had read it, East of West year 1 hardcover from Image.


Theyre not bathroom reading safe, but definitely cool. Heh heh

I rarely buy omnibuses (omnibi?) but I will make an exception once in a great while. This one caught my eye since I’ve not read very much of the One Million tie-ins and at Amazon’s price, it’s worth it for those.

Jump into the rabbit hole that is Morrison’s JLA. You won’t regret it.

I plan on it, I’m fan of his.

I’m Reading Morrison’s Doom Patrol right now.

I always wait for the deals on Amazon.

Its a cool event, but some of the tie-ins didn’t grab my attention. They didn’t seem to have any real significance to the story. If you want to read everything go ahead, otherwise just pick and choose.