The DC Side of 'A Multiverse Story' Imprint

Hey everyone, today I wanted to seek out some writers who would be interested in doing some collaborative writing projects as part of my plan to establish my take on The DC Universe for my fanfiction series Multiverse.

‘A Multiverse Story’ Imprint, these are stories taking place BEFORE The Main Series, Multiverse, that will feature storytelling focusing on establishing continuity in universes that I planted seeds of in my main fanfiction series.

Originally all the stories were going to be written by me, but overtime, I began thinking of finding interested outside writers and me serving in Overseer providing story notes, storyline guide and continuity maintaining.

Right now I have someone working on a DC story involving Dick Grayson and Starfire.
Stories I’m working is two one-shots on The Legion of Superheroes, and The Huntress: Helena Bertinelli, a 14-chapter series focusing on Donna Troy, and one more story focusing on Wally West and Doctor Manhattan. All of them haven’t been released yet besides Donna Troy’s story which is so far has only its prologue posted.

Lately been flooded with some ideas for The DC Universe side of ‘A Multiverse Story’ installments such on people like The Batfamily, and The Huntress and Question, and I wanted to seek out the community to see if they’re interested in becoming a part of this project, there will be guidelines and restrictions that I have in order to maintain the flow of continuity with the main series of stories I work on.

Written by me:
The Huntress Reborn: A Multiverse Story [One-Shot, Completed]
Donna Troy: A Multiverse Story [14-Chapters, In-Progress]

In-Production from other writers:
Love and Omens: A Multiverse Story [In-Development]
War For Gotham: A Multiverse Story [In-Development]

Ideas/Concepts in need of writers.
The Flash-Manhattan War: A Multiverse Story [Action-Adventure]
This story likely holds the most MAJOR implications for my main series since this holds plot elements for future stories while also explaining where Wally West, The other speedsters, and Doctor Manhattan are at. If anyone is interested in this particular story, I want to help co-write this since some of my OCs are in this and want their portrayal done right.

Identity Crisis: A Multiverse Story [Huntress and Question Mystery Thriller]