The Fans of DC Universe Podcast: Season 2 Episode 43 What do we think about DC Universe Infinite?

For those who don’t know, the Fans of DC Universe Podcast is a podcast run for DC Universe Fans by DC Universe Fans. We talk about the DC Universe News and discuss the titles coming out that week to DCU and in LCS’s. We are a fun group of people who have done all sorts of stuff, and we are going to be back next Friday for Season 2!

Season 2 of the Fans of DC Universe Podcast will feature discussion, interviews, games, and more with Fans of DC Universe. We will be adding small things like music and add more supplemental content to the podcast and youtube channel. We will also attempt to reboot our interview program which gave us interviews by Applejack, Joshua Lapin-Bertone (New Writer), and JL and Matt from the DC Universe Book Club. We will also be updating the art and joining Apple Podcasts at long last! We can’t wait to feature new and returning guests and highlight the amazing people working to make DC Universe a reality. Of course, we hope to do many more amazing things and build on some of the cool things we did in Season 1. For example in Season 1, we talked with fans who attended exclusive premieres, did shows from the same room, and more.

The best part is that ANYONE and I mean ANYONE can join the Fans of DC Universe Podcast. If you are an active member of DC Universe, we welcome you to join our discord, hang out, and join the recording sessions every Friday at 6 PST. If you just want to listen, check us out on Google Play, Youtube, Sound Cloud, and Podbean.

Also, if you eagerly awaiting our next season or want to recap some of the highlights of Season 1, go to Youtube, where the wonderful @Don-El is creating special look backs on the amazing journey that got us here. These segments are absolutely wonderful. This thread will continue to update each week as new episodes come out! We can’t wait to return better than ever! See you soon!


Yaaaa hoooo!!!

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Oh and let’s not forget the attempted interview with the multi-talented @HubCityQuestion ! While our many attempts overall failed, @nu52 @Nathan.Payson and myself did finally record about 6 minutes through a Google Hangout session that we have posted on the YouTube channel! I’ll be sure to have a little snippet of that in the upcoming planned Retrospective Part 4 as well!

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Woooo Hoooo! I am looking forward to S2 sounds phenomenally fantastically super time with super fan friends! Hope to chat it up with everyone soon!

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Can’t wait to chat with you!

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Here is the Youtube playlist of the 4 short Retrospectives of Year One of the Fans of DC Universe Podcast:

For those who prefer audio only files, here is the Soundcloud playlist of the Fans of DC Universe Podcast Year 1 Retrospective:

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