The future of Comic books?

Definitely agree with you. When I first started getting into comics seriously I relied heavily on my local store. The employees we’re really helpful as were the customers. Half the fun of buying comics is in the experience of going into the store, seeing regulars, conversing with like-minded people etc. I like that digital comics have a bigger reach and can bring in a new wave of people. But personally, I really like having a hard copy of something. It’s like in college when my professor would upload PDFs of the readings on blackboard, I would always try to print them off because I just liked holding it more. I like trades and hardcovers, that’s just my preferred method of reading.

I definitely think digital is the way to go to reach bigger audiences but like with everything, there’s still always going to be some kind of market for physical copies. Kindle and iPads etc have were once thought to be on the verge of taking over the book market. Yet every time I’m in a coffee shop, or a gate waiting to board a flight etc. I still see people reading actual books. Honestly I just think these companies need to do a better job marketing them and like others have suggested above, tap more into the Walmart and Target crowds where they could make a killing.