The Hooded Blush is the protector of the city! Line by line, or in the smallest of paragraphs, help her put the paw prints of justice of evildoers everywhere!


The Hooded Blush pranced from one rooftop to the next, her pink cape like a flag of righteousness in the wind. She enjoyed every second of this so far quiet night-- and yet, she knew it could never last. The Red Cardinal had escaped from the Big Cage only recently, and somewhere out there in the darkness, the Dog Catcher waited to prowl the streets once again.

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Suddenly, the sound of a whistle only she could here permeated the night air! Only Commissioner Pedigreed had that signal! Something dire must be up!

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hey can I be in the story

Far below her, The Hooded Blush sensed a strange new presence. The super computers in her hood, combined with the mystic might of her psychic dog collar garnered enough information to tell that this was the Superdcoolkid. What super powers, she could only wonder, did this strange new being possess? She had no time to sniff out the truth now! The Commissioner awaited her!

But even the Commissioner would understand if Hooded Blush needed to be a good girl and go potty. Hooded Blush squatted in Deadshot’s front yard and let it flow. As she pranced away down the sidewalk, roses grew out of her pee spot, like magic. But everyone knew, even Slade Wilson knew, it wasn’t magic. It was the blush.

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Hooded Blush looked back at the roses, but Floyd Lawton was already ripping them up. Slade tried to grab one from Floyd’s hand, but Floyd slapped him away. Hooded Blush was so happy to see them finally settling in to their new house.

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On she pranced, making her way to the commissioner’s yard. As she refocused her eyes to navigate the orbital menu screens projected by her super hood, she noticed something darting about to the right of her, in her periphery. Refocusing on the moving figure, she realized it was Stimpy!

Or was it Dinky? Or Pimply? Or Wimpy?

It didn’t matter. She knew it was that same kid who was always terrorizing the elderly’s pets with his terrible, terrible front yard jigs (jigs he did in the front yard).

“Not today, Wrinkly!” Hooded Blush growled to herself as she lowered her hood’s protective shield down over her face. “Not. To-day.”


I have some ideas

Hooded Blush saw Beau Schmidpop about to dance a jig on Mr. Wembly’s lawn! She growled and said “Let’s get dangerous!”

Just then a limo full of Disney lawyers pulled up. Out came a man so tightly wound that if you gave him a crisp one dollar bill, he’d find a way to give you four quarters for it without going anywhere.

He checked his breath, then said “On behalf of Walt Disney Television, I regret to say that the phrase “Let’s get dangerous!” is trademarked as a part of the Darkwing Duck property and as such-” but he was cut off.

Hooded Blush bellowed one aggressive bark after the other as she ran towards the suits. They piled into their limo and drove off most expediently.

Schmidpop was getting closer and closer to Wembly’s lawn. If Hooded Blush was to act, the time was now or never…


Before the Hooded Blush could dance another prance, a giant green Chuck E Cheese appeared, and began kicking the nefarious jig kid into next Tuesday. Ch’p of the Green Lanterns had arrived to help . But he had a dire warning. The S’mo’re Ma’ker had escaped Talkon Galtos, and might someday come to Earth.


Mr. Wembly opened the screen door on his patio as he grumbled “Can’t I watch Judge Judy in peace?!” under his breath.

He saw Beau Schmidpop get booted high into the air and land in the Gorgs’ backyard. “Ha!” he said. He turned to the screen door. “Hey Gobo, Mokey, Red, Boober! That lil’ Schmidpop jerk finally got his!”

Hooded Blush walked up to Mr. Wembly. He kneeled down and pat her head. “Good girl!” he said. He walked inside and came back with a Purina brand dog biscuit. “There you go sweety.” Hooded Blush carried the treat with her as she went off to pursue her next adventure.


The Commissioner needed her!


“Ah, yes! The commissioner!” Blush pulled down her protective face guard and recalled the previous mission’s details on the projected screen in front of her.

“An overcrowded… Poodle Party?” Blush sighed. Those poodles were always getting out of hand and wasting Blush’s valuable crime-fighting time with their pompous entitlement and shenanigans.

She zipped off towards the commissioner’s location, having absolutely no idea what lay in store for her.


Unknown to the Blush, in a hidden chamber deep below the Narrows Chuck E Cheese, four clones of Schmidpop, the Jig Kid-- were being created, each with his own Evil purpose-- Stimpy, Dinky, Pimply, and Wrinkly made real!

Finally, the Hooded Blush reached the Commissioner’s office! After some nose licking and belly rubbing, Pedigreed introduced the Blush to Special Agent Wimpy. A special formula for hamburgers made entirely from spinach has been developed, meant to end world hunger, but instead grants super strength and speed for five minutes and 26 seconds. Wimpy and the formula must be taken to Twinkle Labs for safe keeping! Poor Wimpy is hungry, and asks Blush if he can borrow money for a real hamburger, “I will gladly pay you Tuesday,” he insists, but for the first time in the Hooded Blush’s career she can be of no help-- she has no pockets!

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Agent Wimpy in tow, The Blush had no choice but to take to the streets, her cohort too blimpy to take to the rooftops. Deep in her pup heart, she wanted this mission to go off without a stitch, but for super heroines, she knew, thinks could never go that simply. This was not an easy assignment. Over and over, Blush had to tell her partner to hitch up his pants, as from a dog’s POV, things kept getting uncomfortably dimply. And unknown to the Blush, and her partner Wellington J, they had developed a tail, and not the good kind that wagged nimbly.

They had a follower named Pimply.

The Hooded Blush, heroine of the city, had never hated a walk so much in her life!! Agent Wimpy stopped everyone to ask them for money for hamburgers! And, when she tried to hurry him along, the silly humans ignored her pretty hood and collar, her small cape draped demurely over her shoulders, ignored that she was their greatest defender, and constantly told her to be a good dog and behave! Truly, as all good heroes should, she believed in being humble and lovable, that humility was dog spelled forwards. But this was trying her patience!! And humans accused puppy dogs of being beggars!! Thus, as eventually Wimpy had stole-- BORROWED enough money for his lunch of six hamburgers and a soda bigger than a housecat, he went behind a tree when he found the men’s room locked. No roses grew where HE tinkled! So it was the mighty heroine’s attention could be so easily divided. When at last she caught sight of the Red Cardinal circling the trees about a block away, looking to do mischief to some poor beagle strangely napping on top of his red doghouse, she leapt right into action without remembering to tell Wimpy first, and so did not see Pimply drawing closer to his prey…

The Red Cardinal, an alary of dread and mischief, dived, beak first, at his unsuspecting prey–

But the Blush got there first, her magic cape spreading out and back like a shielding canopy. The Cardinal bounced off the flowing fushsia with a ga-boiiiiiiiing sound, and spun off into the morning air making snuffling offfkaws! as many as six times, from his beak to his throat, and back again.

Now, Pimply stepped forward, and unleashed his dreaded power-- goose pimples for everyone!! All who could be found there in the street now itched helplessly with fear, excitement, or imaginary cold. Pimply sprung at Wimpy-- but-- but-- Agent Wimpy seemed unaffected! Momentarily sated by his excellent lunch, J. Wellington was immune to all but the deep, pleasant feeling in his tummy. And from that same deep place came his true super-power-- Wimpy eructed, blasting Pimply back through a white picket fence.

Meanwhile, even as the Hooded Blush continued her battle in the sky with the Red Cardinal, bright brown eyes narrowed from the high foilage of a nearby tree. One other being was untouched by the casting of goose pimples. The Pink Avenger bided her time, until she knew who was who, and what was what```

The Pink Avenger tossed a line into the sky, capturing the foot of the Cardinal. She had no time to let a nonsensical, far too literal dog fight continue in the sky!

The Hooded Blush reeled back in surprise; she had not seen her old friend, sometime nemesis since the adventure of the composite super dog, when, somehow merged together, they had fought and banished the dreaded Bat-Mite.