The injustice entertainment universe

I believe that the dceu is already to far down the rabbit hole for them to come back. They are trying to create stories that should wait at least 5 years to make. Such as BVS and even JL. At this point you’re to deep to just start over, but the best thing you could do would be to create the injustice universe. Kill Lois lane and start from there. Make a few movies about this, do the first 4 years while you release the origin movies for the heroes. and then in 5 to 6 years make the year 5 movie. This will bring in another universe from the multi-verse. Then we fallow the heroes the the non-injustice universe while you will still be able to make a couple movies involving the injustice universe. This could be confusing but, there could still be enough good/well made movies in both universe series that the people who don’t fallow the movies religiously will just like to watch the movies, and us the HARD DCEU fans will get 2 amazing universes and many movies for all of us to enjoy.