The Lantern Corps

could someone kindly direct me to where Hal Jordan is over come by Paralax and wreaks havoc an takes on superman an etc, I don’t know how far to go before it, but i would like at least one or two issues to lead into it, an then get into that storyline regarding jordan an paralax.

if you dont wana post the fan fiction here I am almost certain there is a dedicated fan fiction thread some where on the forums. either way hit me up with it, i wouldnt mind reading it. if ya wana private message it to me that will work as well,

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You are looking for Emerald Twilight. Good starting point would probably be here. Outside DCU, #46 is likely the ideal starting point.

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The overall arc starts with Coast City’s destruction in the otherwise-tolerable The Death of Superman (it happens towards the end and we’re missing the relevant GL issue for complicated reasons, but he’s at least in it; if you want to cut to the chase, start around Superman #80 or so), proceeds to the execrable Emerald Twilight story in issues 48-50 of this GL series, which builds into the dull, dull, dull crossover Zero Hour. If you don’t see what ZH has to do with GL, you’ll figure it out by the end.


AN HOW FING INSANELY AWESOME ROBERT V, Answered an commented on my remarks for the Q&A, that was legit the first time I got to interact with a writer, and what a cool feeling, cause I got the full subscription of his freedom fighters and a growing library of Green Lantern books which I am sure his name is on some where.

An double thanks for the replies to my question on the paralax thing there, i’ll be looking into those.

That would be amazing I’m not seeing a message icon for you so if you could please send me a message I would love to send it to you

Hello! I personally love the red and orange lantern corps.
Guy Gardner is my favorite character in any corps.

Emerald Twilight is my favorite arc. I am currently collecting physical copies of it. I have #50!

Glad to see more lantern fans exist.


@GL-Batophobia yeah if you just want Emerald Twilight, #48 is the place to start.

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Just finished issue 5 this morning!

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Follow him on Twitter. He does a great job of engaging the fans!

I love the blue corps and the indigo tribe. My favorite lantern is probably saint walker or John Stewart.

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I suppose i would have to say Indigo Tribe…as a testimony to my own personal transformations as a result of new levels of compassionate understanding…

Barry Allan, Blue Lantern.

After Hal’s Red Ring was destroyed by Saint putting the blue ring on his hand, I was a big fan of Hals struggle to wield both Blue and Green Rings in the following Agent Orange issues as he came to terms with his understanding and use of hope and will as one. For me it was a very humanizing concept in such a Fantastical Universe.

A little about me:


That is one of my favorite things about the emotional spectrum. It can be harder to relate to a character like Superman or Batman, at least as far as their powers and abilities go. But I think anyone can relate to having to rely on hope that things will get better, or having the willpower to get through difficult situations. I’ve been reading the early Hal Jordan comics, and I definitely like that the emphasis moved from being “without fear” to “overcoming fear”.


Hi!! I love all of the DC Universe from Magic to Meta to everything else! :smiley: My favorite Lantern is the Blue Lanterns!!! and my favorite character from the lanterns in general is Hal Jordan and as for Lantern related Instance is most def Blackest Night!!!


I agree @Green.Lantern

A Link to a really complete Storyline of Blackest Night in Order with all the spin offs. Just putting it up if anyones interested.


There’s a high probability that list will be used for the upcoming readalongs

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I’m curious, why was no female lanterns pick so far.

Bleez and J-Cruz are mentioned in this one:

Hey everyone I’m Ryan.
Finaly a club that I can get behind lol.

Which Lantern Corps would I be part of:
I’m a Green Lantern all the way. I have the emblem tattooed on my right arm. I’ve had some tragedies in my past that the symbol gives me the will to live each day.

My favorite Lantern:
When I first really got into comics it was Green Lantern right after Emerald Dawn. So I got really attached to Kyle Rayner.
I just liked that he was in the right place at the right time. Which to me made it real.

Favorite Instance with the Lanterns:
Blackest Night, GLTAS, Sinestro Corps War, and I know I’m in the minority here but I actually enjoyed the movie. Not my favorite but it was a good try for a DC movie not featuring Batman or Superman at the time.

Thank you

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