The Lantern Corps

Anyone know if Green Lantern Earth One is on here or not ? I been searching around and can’t find it. Not really surprised I can’t find it either. Oh an GL E2 Is slated to come out in August 2020.

Judging from this thread they are not on here. I went head and requested it in the print to digital thread

Anyone remember the Elseworlds story Evil’s Might? A 3 issue mini series.
I remember it from years ago. Found all three issues, read them put them somewhere and couldn’t find them again. I was at my mother’s house today helping her put ACs in her house when I moved a box to get to one of the ACs and the three issues fall out of another box. Lol I havent seen them in 4 years.

Anyways it’s a great tale. Best way to describe it is, picture the movie Gangs of New York meets Green Lantern comics. Kyle is the hero of the story. This is a fare warning to Hal and Alan fans you may not like this tale.

Edit. So I just checked and those issues are on here.


Just wanted to check in with everyone here or anyone interested. The current “Blackest Night” Read Along is going great!
If you’re interested in some Great, Complete DC Universe action, this is the ticket!


Hey guys, my names Nick, and If I had to put myself into any of the corps, I would have to go Green. 2. As far as my favorite lantern goes it would be difficult to pick just one, but I guess Hal would be my absolute favorite…but Kyle Rayner is a close second. My absolute favorite interaction with the Green Lantern mythos would have to be the Entire Geoff John’s run, more specifically around the beginning of the Blackest Night storyline is where I jumped back into reading comic books full time.


Hi Nick.
Welcome, we are actually discussing and doing a read along for the Blackest Night right now. We started with Tales and will be moving along.
@PR0FESS0RZ00M has the link above your post.
Hope to see you there.


WE BETTER SEE YOU THERE :bangbang: :eight_pointed_black_star: :gl_hv_5:


Come join.
This is the invitation page @GL-Batophobia Put up and if you follow his link, you can Join and reap the benefits of Corp of Intergalactic Police behind you!
It’s a great group and if your interested in Blackest Night this is a Great Group of Readers! I’ll see you there.


2 new items dropped for tokens today. - Both GL Wallpapers, and nice ones. I got them both for desktop and laptop. Hope someone finds this useful.

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I would wear a Yellow Ring.
Sinestro is my favorite lantern.
Blackest Night and Brightest Day are the coolest lantern event and I would love to see it or alternate versions of it in animated form.

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Would hope to be Blue, but would most likely end up being Orange. BUT only because of how cool the power of making constructs of your past victims would be.

Dex-starr all the way

Blackest Night is one of my all-time favorite comic series, I’m a sucker for undead superheroes.

  1. Which color of the spectrum would you put yourself in?

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be a Green Lantern. I pride myself on having the courage to be kind to others and stand up when I feel it’s needed. I often take initiative in a crisis or when someone needs a shoulder to cry one, or just a kind word. However for the longest time I always thought I would be on the pink or blue side of the spectrum. But I did that think people call “growing up” and “discovering yourself”, and found that I really felt a connection to the Green Lanterns and what they stood for. I didn’t consider myself a Green Lantern until I took an in depth quiz, though. I guess I couldn’t take the initiative that time, lol. But I’m glad I’m a Green.

  1. Do you have a favorite character from any of the lantern corps?

Honestly, this is going to sound basic and bland, but I’m a sentimental person. Once I get attached to something or someone and I feel I relate to it or have watched it grow or just have a bond with it, it’s hard for me not to favor it.
My favorite lantern is Hal Jordan. I grew up with Hal Jordan, and I always admired him. Then I read The New Frontier and I was like “Wow…you’re kind of who I wish I could be.” He’s just, to me, a bright star of heart and compassion, as well as courage and strength. He felt so human and real, but at the same time, he was idealistic and someone to relate to. I loved him, and I think I always will.

  1. What’s your favorite instance of lantern-related movie/comic/game/tv show?

As previously stated, DC: The New Frontier. It is a masterpiece, and truly my favorite thing DC has ever made.

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