The Man of Steel (1986-) #6

The Man of Steel (1986-) #6

Loved this series so much. What a treasure!


So glad I re-read this series. And loved the twist that Superman, unlike in the pre-crisis doesn’t see himself as an alien, but a human and doesn’t embrace his Kryptonian heritage the way he did before. I even as a kid never got why Superman treated Ma and Pa like second rate parents when they were the ones who rasied him his whole life, or why he acted like he was loyal to a society he lost when he was like 1 year old. Definitely the best decision Byrne made and even with a lot of these elements being replaced with the more traditional portrayals in the 21st century, that element stayed.

Was such a fun read. Also love the new Lana, which is basically what she is now. SO much better then the annoying twerp in Superboy (although her later years as a co-anchor were better, but only by comparison). Was a great ending to a great re-invention of Superman that will always be the one I think of. The Superman that made me love the character, and love comic books.