The New Titans(1984-) is missing 1 issue.

I started reading New Teen Titans a couple years ago, buying the newest collections as they came out. But with 6-8 month gaps between releases that’s not exactly the best way to follow a story.

When I got DC Universe I was disappointed to see that they didn’t have the full run on the service.

Recently it’s been added, and I’m excited to finally finish the story, but I noticed that the issue count is one off.

I looked through and issue #50, the first part of the “Who is Wonder Girl” story, and the issue where the title switched from The New Teen Titans to just The New Titans, is absent from the list.

I just wanted to post somewhere to hopefully let someone know who could add this one last issue, so that after all this time I can finally finish this legendary run.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention @General_Nothing. I have reported this to our team to have it rectified.

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