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I cannot wait until you guys do the Neal Adam interview

He gave me this autograph about 4 or 5 years ago, Tell him Zachary Muzichuck (Music-chuck) Says Hi, I got this at the Pittsburgh comic con in like I just wish I can remember what year maybe it was in 2016 and Happy Memory Day Weekend to the DC Daily News people.


Re: Stargirl
LOVE THIS SHOW! Really looking forward to seeing what they get up to this season. I love when shows(or comics, books, any kind of series) address continuity and legacy in a really well done way, and this show so far looks to be on track to do that! Awesome sauce!


I really enjoy the inside look we get of everyone in the show’s personal space! All the artwork and memorabilia is great. But I gotta say, I’m jealous of @samhumphries_dcu bookcase! I want that incorporated into my library!