The Power of Perception: Harley Quinn (Spoilers)

boo on you


Okay but seriously, they’re super villains who have literally killed people, and you’re arguing the morals of their romances. And then, you’re still wrong. In the wildly popular Hunger Games books and movies, the main character, a woman, bounces back and fourth between two men the whole series. So maybe the problem is that you only mentioned it because they were gay? Who knows.


The difference isn’t orientation (I’m part of the LGBTQ+ community) it is that she was engaged. Once someone is engaged it is an instant, “You don’t go there.”

Harley went after someone who was engaged.

That’s low. That’s really low.


But how do you know only Harley went there. We never see the before they are in bed, only the after. I think it’s a telling sign that both times they ended up in Ivy’s bed, not Harley’s.

What if Ivy actually was the initiator? What if she seduces Harley?

It seems you have only one person (Harley) as the possible initiator. We don’t know that to be true.


Then Ivy cheated on someone she was engaged to.

You realize that’s not any better, right?

It’s totally not okay.

There was only really one okay option. Don’t do it. Harley not to initiate and Ivy not to accept -or- Ivy not to initiate.

If Ivy still felt that way then the ONLY acceptable option is to -not- sleep with Harley, then go talk to Kiteman like an adult.

I get it, you wanted Harliv. That’s fine. Harliv itself? Also totally fine.

Going after someone’s fiance? Not cool.
Sleeping with someone while engaged to someone else (with exceptions for people in an open relationship)? Also not cool.

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I knew Kite-Man & Ivy was doomed from the start. Did you honestly think she was really that into him?

I can see where Ivy not telling Kite-Man after the fact was not ideal. However, people are fallible. As I’ve also said, we saw Ivy repressing since the start of season one. Guess what, so neither Harley or Ivy are gonna get sainted anytime soon.

One can make the argument that Kite-Man did the wrong thing (and is to blame). If you have to propose to somebody 3 times before they say yes, maybe you should have gotten a clue after the first two no’s that maybe they just really aren’t into you.

The truth is that it took pressing it down to the wire and a huge incident before both Ivy and KM stopped their delusional behavior towards each other.

It’s not about wanting one or the other, it’s about showing that people, even supervillains, have emotions and actively sabotage themselves, just like other people do. What’d ya know…supervillains are human too.


Protagonist-centered morality. “If a character I like does it, it’s okay and justified even though if someone else did it we’d hate them for it.”

Forms a defensive barrier with my Green Lantern ring

Harley (and Joker) fans and writers seem to be big fans of that concept.