The problem with Teen Titans comics/pitch a direction!

Nobody seems to know what to do with them anymore. It seems as though they either fall back on Wolfman/Perez nostalgia, or reinvent the wheel so much that it’s a fundamentally different team.

Right now, a book over at Marvel cough X-men cough that struggled with similar problems (coupled with corporate politics, of course) is enjoying a renaissance of sorts thanks to a huge overhaul by Hickman. My question to you guys is…if you were put in charge with retooling the Titans in comics, what would you do???

To me, it is absolutely essential that you A. Set them apart in goals and function from other hero teams. B. Define clearly and logically why these people still work together, no more contrived Trigon bs and C. Get to the very heart of what it “means” to be a Teen Titan.

Personally, I’d go with a JLU meets Avengers Academy approach, in which the Titans double as a superhero team and as a foundation to help train the next generation. Dick, Vic, Kory and co. could express frustration with the fact that nobody is training these kids and thereby take it upon themselves.

This way, along with having the core team, you get the opportunity to feature new characters, classic Titans as reserve members, and maybe even feature young heroes from other corners of the DCU as instructors for this foundation.

I don’t know who I’d feature as the big bad, but there’d definitely be an embargo on Deathstroke and Trigon, at least for the first bit.