The Psychology Of Supervillians Club..March 2020 - Vandal Savage

I have to keep in mind what msgtv said up there, too:

I think — for reasons I’ll have to soul search on when feeling WAY less exhausted — I still have difficulty reconciling an immortal being in need of (or believing in) a higher power. BUT, that’s in our world. If I was in the DC-verse, there’d be extremely little I wouldn’t believe (especially if smacked with a rock that gave me superpowers).


A lot of Vandal Savage seems to be about what he’s wearing. in JL: Doom, it was a bit more military, i thnk similar to YJ. in DC One Million, It was an 18th century number. I have to get to the suggested reading to see how this theory plays out.

And in the DC Universe presents, he’s in prison clothes.

I think Vandal knows people are likely to respond well/better to a uniform. There is a psychological basis for this.

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I do think Vandal is susceptible to liking certain fashion trends more than others. Just as most people are. So his wearing of 18th century, when the world is really devoid of fashion business, he would naturally be drawn back to styles that he has really liked over the centuries.

Halfway through Green Lantern, which is surprisingly hard to read. Still waiting for the origin of Vandal. So far, not so keen on bearded Vandal, but it could be a bias on the art.

But to talk more about JL: Doom, this Vandal wants to take over the world because he misses being in charge. I like that he organizes a set of villains to take out his primary obstacle, the League. I also like their celebration scene, which is also the turning point in the movie and the heroes make their comeback.

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The GL books are for Sinestro. I don’t think Vandal is in any of them.

This book has Vandal

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Ah yes, his first appearance was in GL. My bad.

I had forgotten. Probably from all the GL because oks I read while prepping for Sinestro.

No worries.

Also read the All Star Comics. That was easier on the eye, at least art-wise. Power Girl didn’t have the chest window, but still surprisingly busty. This Vandal was purely driven by reacquiring lost immortality. But that snazzy green number definitely made him more appealing. While he lays down some decent plans, he is usually thwarted by teamwork.

In that Green Lantern, Alan Scott realizes Vandal’s plan because of something Doiby Dickles said. Whose alleged accent seemed all over the place. Someone so refined as Alan would likely call him “Derby”…

In All Star Comics, as the heroes find each other, they start putting pieces together, and with the cosmic converter assist, Vandal is thus thwarted. Not on topic, but does the Star Spangled Kid grow up to be Starman (or is it Star Man?)?

Yep, but some happened pre-crisis earth-2 and then there was post-crisis continuity and a couple of person changes, then we get to Stargirl.

If this dies it’s cool: recently on Legends of Tomorrow, there was a soul coin of one Vandal Savage. While the concept of the soul is pretty much it’s own discussion, I did like the name drop (more so in context, but i will digress if i don’t rein it in), and it made me wonder about the effect of immortality on the so-called immortal soul.

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I think the Vandel Savage coin drop was a callback to last season, where Ray gets taken to hell and is locked up in a cell with Vandal. The go to rescue him and Vandal has turned into this really sweet guy. Ray and Vandal were just playing Jenga and he offers the team rescuing Ray some herbal tea. the scene is hilarious and one of the best comedic bits from last season.

It does raise the question if Vandal wasn’t so busy trying to control the earth, he’s really just a nice person. It’s like if Batman ever games to grips and stopped his “mission”, Bruce Wayne would just be an all around swell guy.