The Red Templar

How is that for a new comic book character i could use help getting him started

Are you an artist? If not, I recommend writing a script and then saving some money to hire one.

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It’s an awesome name. But I’m telling ya id get that sucker trademarked before you start plastering it over the internet.

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Any idea how

Google copyright offices in your area


Copywriting something is super easy. Do a google search for the documents and then send them back with the nominal fee (was $20 a few years ago). They will reply in a few weeks and you are done. A copyright is considered good as soon as you send in the documents.

It is really easy and the documents are self explanatory. Good luck.

What happens after that

Like I said, you are done. If they accept your copyright, then you have a copyright on the name. If they don’t then you won’t get one.

I would highly suggest you google how to copyright and learn all you can. There isn’t much to it.

Hmm…it’s a name with not much else to go on.

From what little I know of copyright, I do know that if you have a written work, it’s practically an automatic copyright, but getting an official copyright filled out does help in case of an emergency. But with a name like Red Templar, I’d say maybe it’s a bit too early for a copyright if there’s not much else to go on.

Who is this Red Templar? What’s his or her gimmick? Motivations? Backstory? Does he or she have special powers? Is this a hero or a villain? I’m seeing a name, but not a bigger picture going on here. I’d say work on the idea a bit more and then come back.

Since this is more of a fan creation, gonna move it over to that section for you :slight_smile: