The reduction of Morrison and Sharp's The Green Lantern Season Two

So DC decided to reduce Season Two of The Green Lantern to 8 issues instead of 12 like it was originally scheduled. Honestly I feel this is a big shame. Morrison and Sharp’s The Green Lantern is the best on-going book of DC at present and I’m sure it will be an enduring one. Whatever editorial plans they have, I’d rather see the run as it should have been. It is frustrating that after all these years we finally get Morrison back on an on-going series, and it has to be cut down.

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I was surprised to hear that news mentioned in DiDio in the recent DC Daily

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I generally love Morrison’s work but for some reason his Green Lantern just hasn’t worked out for me. There’s some interesting ideas but I can’t really get excited about it. I wonder if it is because of the art, because while I think that Liam Sharp is a great artist and I can enjoy the individual images, it just becomes a bit overwhelming in the end and I lose interest. So I might have enjoyed it more if it had a different artist, but then again Blackstars didn’t really work for me either.

I wonder why it has been cut down though. If it is Morrison’s choice or if it has to do with 5G or something else entirely.

I like Morrison and I don’t want them too pull another Tom King again, Let the writers finish their work Didio

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Yeah, for such a titan in comic industry, Grant Morrison deserves to have his book end in a natural way without interference. They shouldn’t mess with his work.

Despite his use of old characters and such it doesn’t really seem to fit the rest of the DC Universe as is, so honestly I thing it would have worked out better had it been done as an All-Star Green Lantern to set it apart and to allow Morrison to not only finish it but to not have to worry about what happens in the rest of the DC Universe at all, which is most likely the reason it was cut short.

Put me on the Morrison-Must-Finish-TheGreenLantern train.

And while we’re on that train, I’d like to order a heaping plateful of Seaguy volume 3. We have waited long enough!