The Review Crew

Do you like sharing your opinions on the comics you read?

Do you want the community to see why you do or don’t recommend a comic book?

If the answer is YES! The Review Crew is for YOU!

Who We Are

The Review Crew is a group of members of the DC Universe that enjoy writing reviews of the comic books that we read from the DC Universe comic book library. In the future, this may open up to different content other than just the comic book library, but for starting reviewers are expected to review the comic book library found here.

Monthly Group Read Reviews

The first week, a monthly group read selection will be announced by the club leader (@PrincessAmethyst). All reviewers will have that week to read the club selection. Start formulating your thoughts on the reading!

The second week, you need to post your review!! The review should include the title of your review, a rating, and your thoughts on the read material.

Here is where the monthly aspect gets fun! At least to me :wink: The third week, look at your fellow reviewers’ reviews and post your thoughts regarding some element. Do you agree or disagree with some of their thoughts regarding the material? Discuss why you feel the way you do about the reading. Stat why you didn’t feel that way about the reading. Have a back and forth, constructively with each other.

The last week, group members will continue discussion regarding the reading material and wrap-up any ongoing discussions. This week also group members will begin discussion regarding the next month’s selection. There will be a poll on Thursday with group members being able to vote on the next month’s selection from those that were mentioned.

Weekly Reviews

The other expectation for The Review Club is writing a weekly review to a comic book from the comic book library on the posted forum for that month. Look for the “The Review Crew - (Month) Reviews” forum thread to post reviews to each month, starting in March. The review will be asked to post one review each week to any comic book issue(s) that they have read. The review should include a title, a rating, and your thoughts regarding the material you read. Anything additional or formatting is up to you!

It is fine if you need to sit out any particular week from reviewing. This is for entertainment and fun, so don’t feel that you can’t sit out a week.

Fine Print

All reviews should include a title, rating, and your thoughts.

Reviews should be constructive in nature. It is fine not to like a particular artist or writer, but why should be stated in the review of why you don’t like the particular artist with more than “they suck” or “I don’t like them.” There should be a reason. For example, “I don’t like ARTIST A because they draw Batman with unrealistic proportions for how he is usually presented in his main title. Other artists do not show him drawn this particular way and it was distracting as a reader.” You don’t have to be this wordy, but you hopefully get the general idea.

For the monthly discussion, it is expected that we will have differing opinions on the material. You should state your opinion appropriately. Anyone found to be rude, belligerent, attacking, or not following the community guidelines may be asked to leave the Review Crew, so please follow these simple etiquette rules. Just be polite to each other. It isn’t asking that much right?

If you join up, feel free to answer these questions to start some conversation:

What is your favorite comic book series and why?

Have you ever reviewed before, if so where? (Please do not link to any outside website, but feel free to discuss where you have reviewed or if you still do somewhere)

What part of the Review Crew are you looking most forward to?

Is there any part that you are anxious about?

What is your least favorite comic book series and why?


Contact @PrincessAmethyst if you have any questions, wanna ask for more details, or anything else related to the Review Crew. I look forward to you joining and reading your reviews!


Cool! I pretty much already do this, so I’m in.

Issue for issue, the original volume of Birds of Prey is the most consistently entertaining series I’ve read. The characters are very human and likable, but plot and action aren’t sacrificed to make that happen.

I think it was a great idea in the first place to bring Oracle and Black Canary together. They were both characters who’d been seriously mistreated by past writers and then left by the wayside. Then the original run shows you that they’re not going to just lie around being other people’s collateral damage. And you get a great slow development of their friendship, starting out with Dinah not even knowing who Oracle is and winding up as one of the most convincing and compelling pairs of best friends I’ve seen in a comic. While I liked it as a duo book, I think Gail Simone’s run did ultimately have a good instinct in bringing in Huntress, because the existing leads’ relationship had developed about as far as it could, so integrating a third character into the family was a strong plot to follow. Lady Blackhawk doesn’t get quite the deep development the first three did, but she’s awesome and gets all the best lines so it’s OK. I don’t think the series ever really recovered from Dinah’s departure in #99, but it was still reasonably fun through the end.

If we’re counting miniseries, I might have to change my selection to Batman: The Long Halloween or Crisis on Infinite Earths, but I’ve already written one novel and I need to save some content for the actual club.

In a manner of speaking. I contribute to a blog that does line-by-line breakdowns of bad fanfiction, half for fun and half as an educational exercise. We’ve also been dabbling in a writing advice column as a counterpoint to the usual content.

I’m excited about weekly reviews. A place where I can actually talk to people about the obscure old books I dig up would be cool.

Nah. Like I said, I already will happily mouth off about anything that catches my attention in any case.

There are maybe three comics that have actually made me personally angry (ranty as I can be sometimes, I see criticizing bad books more as an exercise in intellectual honesty than a display of anger). I think the worst is one that I actually really like parts of, which makes its lapse in quality feel like more of a betrayal.

So, controversial statement: I don’t like Marv Wolfman’s Titans run. Sure, The Judas Contract is decent and Terror of Trigon is great, but it’s pretty dull before those two. But that’s not really my chief issue. The thing is that afterwards (especially after George Perez left the book), there’s just this slow, steady, and methodical grinding down of everything that was good about it in the first place. Killing off the most sympathetic characters, destroying iconic parts of the setting, introducing unpleasant and standoffish new characters to replace the lost ones, and so on. So you’ve already got a series that I feel like is punishing me for trying to give it a chance. And right around 1992 and 1993, there’s a series of just really gross developments that paint everyone involved, both characters and creators, in a really bad light, including permanently ruining my opinion of a character I’d previously had no particular beef with.

There’s also Team Titans, which spawned out of the middle of the whole debacle, but I haven’t actually read past the first few issues of that one, so it would be unfair of me to target it specifically.


I’m only upset hat @BatJamags beat me to the punch in joining. Great idea for a club and I’m totally this idea


I’ll join this party, as the tea looks delicious.


What is your favorite comic book series and why?

Manhunter (2004) because it creates a hard-nosed character in Kate Spencer. A character that is flawed, human, and unlike many other characters in the DC Universe. She fears she is a bad mother. She fears that she may be a bad superhero, but keeps going at it. There are so many elements to this series that I enjoyed. I read many of the issues during their first initial run and they still sit with me today. I remember the joy of reading them, which for someone that has severe memory related issues speaks volumes to my overall enjoyment of this series.

Have you ever reviewed before, if so where? (Please do not link to any outside website, but feel free to discuss where you have reviewed or if you still do somewhere)

I have done book blogging, which is just reviewing what you are reviewing in an unofficial capacity for many many years. I sometimes take a hiatus and start over with a new website, but it seems like something that I always come back to with time. I am in the middle or reworking and relaunching again with a new blogging website as I write this, but I am holding it tight to my chest as I develop exactly what I want my own voice to be with it. It never has been about being a heavy “media influencer” for me. It has always been about finding my own voice and expressing it to the world. Finding a sense of purpose and drive within it.

What part of the Review Crew are you looking most forward to?

I’m looking most forward to seeing everyone else’s opinions on comics. I enjoy seeing how others feel about what they are reading, so I am excited to see the members stating what they like or dislike.

Is there any part that you are anxious about?

Same thing, I worry a lot. I am hoping everyone remembers to stay cordial with the opinions that they have and that we remember we are ALL allowed to have our own opinions. You may hate a comic, but the next reviewer may love it. We all have different tastes and that is acceptable. It is how we SAY how we feel that is important.

What is your least favorite comic book series and why?

I don’t know that I have a least favorite because I tend to think about the “this is probably someone’s favorite comic book series” thing. I, however, have found that I enjoy solely Batman focused stories to not be a fun and enjoyable ride for me as a reader. I tend to get annoyed with the arrogance that Bruce shows and how he speaks to people. I always feel that there is a way for a superhero to speak to other people, which is not being condescending or rude. I understand that Bruce KNOWS things, but still that does not entitle him to be rude to other people that are trying to help him out. That just irks me in a superhero. There are Batman stories I enjoy, but mostly I avoid him when I can. The community has made me enjoy him a little bit, but I don’t think I will ever be a rah-rah pom-pom Batman supporter.

I hope to see some other’s share their opinions and write why they feel the way they do about the comics they enjoy or don’t.


Thats such a hard question. Batman and Superman are my favorite heroes so ill choose from both of them. For Batman, it might be Batman: Year One. I love how the origin is told, and how much Gordon gets to do in the series. For Superman, I would have to go with John Byrnes Man Of Steel. Its so bright and optimistic, and reminds me of what I love about the character.


I feel the same way about Batman. I can’t really have him as the main course. Too often he’s written like a bully or smug. Unless he’s w/ Selina or written into an ensemble (where I can freely laugh at him for being abrasive), I find myself rolling my eyes so hard I see my brain. Sorry, Bats.


Okay, Favorite series is almost always Superman and Action, because Superman is the greatest. I do love it when another series challenges it for my top spot. Aquaman has done it, Birds of Prey under Simone, I’ve really been enjoying Wonder Woman lately and I want more series to put up a fight.
As for reviews, I’ve done some here on Superman and Aquaman. I try to keep them short to invite others into a discussion rather than just pontificating.
What I’m looking forward to? Reading a comic for enjoyment, then reading with a more critical eye and then trying to explain what I see and take from that book.


:slightly_smiling_face:Here’s my report to your questions…

  1. The Batman Adventures, it was the first comic book series I ever collected.
  2. Yes I have, years ago I did over 100 reviews on movietome and Startrek, sadly all those reviews I wrote are gone! :frowning:
  3. To review comics I like or dislike, does movies and TV shows episodes from DC Comic also count? I would review them as well!:grinning::popcorn::desktop_computer:
  4. I’d worry how sloppy I can write sometimes, hope I can edit my review as much as I can.
  5. A space Adventures comic from Marvel, I forgot the name, it was so boring and terrible and pointless to read!